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The Heart Of A Jerk  by kcvador01
The Heart Of A Jerk by KC Vador
[[Highest rank #364 in teen fiction]] "You're such a Jerk " I heard her say behind me. I turned around and once again, I invaded her personal space till we we...
  • intrigue
  • jerk
  • past
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The Prince Behind the Veil by SweetStories16
The Prince Behind the Veilby SweetStories16
Princess Violet loved her life as a princess and she loved her prince Edward. In fact, she was going to marry him. It was a wonderful thought for her until something in...
  • deception
  • intrigue
  • romance
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The Gods Square Saga by Tony2Green
The Gods Square Sagaby Tony2Green
This is the story of Dex, a kidnapped son that neither wants nor cares about saving the people he's destined to rule. In fact he's only good for one thing... and that is...
  • power
  • love
  • magic
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No Exit ┊ bts by quesuho
No Exit ┊ btsby ʀᴇɢᴜʟᴀʀ
091016 019018 078906 All the mysterious numbers that are provided, the only way to escape. Hoseok and other members are stuck, countless inescapable routine in an island...
  • btssuga
  • btsfanfic
  • fanfiction
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Crisis of Conscience by epsilonnaught
Crisis of Conscienceby Andrew
After a devastating car accident, David Basinger is forced to make a decision- a decision on which the fate of the world hangs. But in order to decide, he is forced to d...
  • intrigue
  • angels
  • demons
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Hidden Graves & Buried Treasure (The Grace Shaw Series Book 2) by clinquant
Hidden Graves & Buried Treasure ( Hannah Shattock
Grace Shaw is back at work after another successful case is solved. She is happily dating her boss Dom and they are both getting used to his newfound talent for seeing s...
  • history
  • suspense
  • intrigue
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La Voyante by telmalg0
La Voyanteby Telma Legrand
L'histoire d'une femme mystérieuse
  • femme
  • mysterious
  • intrigue
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Bitter Blood by jzenas
Bitter Bloodby jzenas
Growing up, Zelia and Katalina were always different. Alienated by everyone they knew, they struggled through adolescence, but now they are older and stronger. It's fina...
  • darknessandlight
  • king
  • fantasy
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Welcome.  by -Chl0ee_
Welcome. by Chroniqueuse
Un déménagement. Une nouvelle vie. Des événements étranges. Plus la possibilité de revenir en arrière. Bienvenue.
  • maison
  • drame
  • sáng
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The Star Player by ignorant_youth
The Star Playerby Elle
Being the star player of your school has its perks right.You get to be popular and go to parties, you get more credit than a normal person would. and you have the whole...
  • crazy
  • bro
  • player
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The bloody rose and the vampire by KatlynnCarris0
The bloody rose and the vampireby Katlynn Carris
Vampire and human romance The girl named evangeline is beaten and tormented by her drunken father until she is beaten to the brink of death and sold to her nightmare. A...
  • intrigue
  • romance
  • thriller
May Be? by wannabewriter31
May Be?by Nooka
My first memory is of lining up in the ground with some other kids, some younger, some older and few of my age, in the backyard of an old house, in our finest clothes an...
  • romance
  • life
  • girl
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MY ALPHA by crunchyreader
MY ALPHAby crunchyreader
A teenage girl falls in love with the Alpha of the rival clan. These two lovers have to try and convince the teenage girl's parents and tell them why they love each othe...
  • werewolf
  • intrigue
  • romance
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Catch Me by M1ck3y
Catch Meby Michael
On an unremarkable night in San Sebastian, Spain, a young Nora Wells is forced to do something she never thought she'd have to do, and is forced to bears the scars of wh...
  • art
  • tennis
  • frozenhope
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Stones by ArathBane
Stonesby ArathBane
After the great eruption the Kafkenni and Yortel tribes joined together to become the dominant empire on Henni. This dominance was the result of Kafkenni military power...
  • sword
  • epic
  • fantasy
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Wetheros by Hezeks
Wetherosby Hezeks
A young boy suddenly discovers his true gifts and is no sooner thrown into a life of confusion, death and chaos.
  • magic
  • intrigue
  • adventure
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