letter six

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We walked into the empty, soundless house. He followed behind me all the way up to my room, what exactly does he want? I was content with knowing that we would never speak or share a space on earth together because then I know I could never get hurt. Every time he comes an inch closer into my life I get everything but worry. I'm falling for someone who barely talks to me, I will get hurt in the end.

I quickly shuffled the letters into my desk drawer along with the job applications. I turned back around dropping my school bag onto the floor. Jack was sitting on my bed looking up at me.

"Uh jack-"

"Yeah?" He cut me off with his own question.

"Why are you here? Go back to school." I rummaged inside my closet for something more comfortable to wear that would become my pajamas later on.

"If you think I can go back into school without getting trouble for being late you got something wrong with you" he chuckled. My face stayed a stone cold as I starred at him.

"Ok fine just don't do anything your not supposed to."

"You are going to be here, what could I do wrong?" Another chuckle escaped his lips.

"I'm just saying... sorry" I took the clothes and left the room. I quickly changed.

Did I sound rude? I didn't mean to sound rude. I was just trying to figure everything out.

The realization of Jack Avery being in my room hit me. A rush of anxiety flooded my body, goosebumps appeared on my skin. I began to shiver uncontrollably. Why did you let him in, he's popular. I know I shouldn't of done that, why did I do that?Because you are stupid. Something bad is going to happen. Like always.

"What am I doing. I need him to leave" I run out of the bathroom and into mine, jack is lying on my bed doing something on his phone.

"Uh jack--" I was cut off by a slam of the front door.

My head shot in that direction. The house that was once still and lifeless was now flooded with chaos. Loud footsteps sounded, I turned back to jack who was now sitting up lookin frightened. The footsteps ran up the stairs. I shut the door closed and locked it.

"Who is that?" Jack whispered to me as I sat on the bed in front of him.

"Probably my mom or dad" I shrugged. Jack still looked on edge. "Are you not used to this kind of stuff?" I chuckled. He shook his head, his gaze flickering between me and the door.

Another slam of the door game followed by another pit of loud footsteps. Same actions as before, my gaze hit the dark blue sheets. My fingers with each other as I avoided jacks gaze.

"Zach what's going to happen."

I knew this was going to happen. It happens every single day. I always walk in and the loud chaotic atmosphere dies down just because I'm another presence.

"Close your ears" I whispered back. He looked stunned, I warned him. He still didn't close them.

He's in for a treat. Loud yells suddenly erupted through out the house.

"you are a lazy ass! We wouldn't be in debt if you didn't know how to mess up everything!" My dad yelled, another response quickly answers.

"Me? You are the one that doesn't give a crap about our children" my eyes flood with tears.

Don't cry Zach. Not in front of jack, not today, not ever.

"Well if one of our sons weren't so stupid and knew how to speak I would be willing to hangout with him once in a while"

The tears became heavier. This isn't the first time this has happened. I have heard my dad say this stuff before, I'm used to it. But it always hits a certain spot every time. I looked up at Jack, his eyes read sympathetic.

"It's not his fault! You made him like that because you weren't a father!"

"Maybe if I was the right father he wouldn't be gay! Maybe he would be normal! Not such a disappointment"

Dont cry Zach. Not ever. Jacks gaze landed on my eyes and never left.

"Don't speak about your son like that!"

"I will! I wish I never had him! I don't love him! I hate him for being that way and I will never love him!"

I couldn't hold it in anymore. The tears spilled down my cheeks as I chocked on my sobs. Why did you have to do it in front of him. Loser.

"I-I'm s-Sorry" I spoke in between sobs. There was no response. He is embarrassed to be here with you. I know.

Arms wrapped around my frigid body, warm arms that I never wanted to leave. My arms instantly wrapped around his neck pulling his body closer to mine. His calm breathing sent me into a relaxing state. My sobs soon became nothing but hiccups and my tears became dry on my face.

My head rested in the crook of Jacks neck. Dont accept this, you'll end up crying once again. I just need this. All you need is you. Maybe I want more than I need.

Jacks legs wrapped around my torso pulling our bodies closer together. His hands slowly rubbed up and down my back. Soft shushes left his lips, his breath lightly hitting my ear. Everything I told myself I didn't need is right here and it's turning into being exactly what I needed.

"Jack please don't leave" I whispered, my voice muffled by his soft skin.

"I won't, don't worry" he whispered back.

Hours upon hours I sat like this, jack never moving a muscle. My eyes were heavy, my mind was finally loosing its thoughts. My eyes shut, soon enough I was laying down on my bed under my covers sleeping.

He was just here to comfort you, don't get attached. I know.

Dear Jack,
          It's not that it's hard for me to say I love someone. I'm just afraid. So I won't say I'm in love with you, you were just there to comfort me. You left the second you could. Just like I knew you would. Just stop.
                                 ~Sincerely Zach

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>just a chapter to I guess bring them together in real life
>anyone else kinda feel like this with someone
>why is jack even there? It's not like they've been friends from the very start
>1000 words or so ( I lied on the first chapter😂)

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