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E X T R A #4

Jack and I made plans with our families to have dinner since we barely see them anymore. We decided to make a homemade meal. One: because we know everyone loves fresh. And two: we totally forgot about the dinner until 2 hours ago.

We went with the basic. Mashed potatoes and chicken. I was mashing the potatoes together with our mixer while Jack looked over the chicken on the stove. I would occasionally add some seasoning, hoping that in the end that it didn't make us sneeze every time we are around it. 

"Do these look done?" Jack asks stabbing a chicken breast with a knife. I chuckle lightly at his weird gesture. He holds up the knife with the chicken still attached.

"I don't know, is it pink?" He takes the chicken and splits it open a bit. He shakes his head, looking up at me. "Then it is done. Put it one one of the plates with the napkin on it so it can soak up the grease." I instruct. In all honesty I don't know what I'm doing, I learned everything from the internet.

"How did I get such an amazing boyfriend." He chuckles. 

I shrug looking back down at the potatoes. "You got lucky to have me. I'm amazing" We both laugh at my comment.

Tonight was special, not because our families were coming over. I was ready for something more, for the next step in our relationship. I wanted everything to go perfectly, tonight had to be one of a kind for Jack and I. We were lucky to have everyone here to witness it. Sydnie was in on it, she helped pick it out.

I believe her exact words were "oh my god! My darling little brother is growing up, he is so lucky to have you Zach!" I hung up the phone after she said that.

I bit my lip as I thought about our hour long conversation over the phone. A knock on the door brought me out of my numerous thoughts. "They are here! Freak out!" Jack yells running over to the door. I laugh to myself.

A commotion of voices enters our apartment, only one catches me. Sydnie appears beside me, handing me the tiny box she smiled widely at me. "Thank you so much Sydnie" I give her a hug after taking the box into my hand.

"No problem lil bro" she says, sending me a wink. I roll my eyes at her corny joke.

"Be careful of what you say Sydnie."

"Hey! I'm older than you, I know what to say" she huffs. I place the bowl of mash potatoes in her hands.

"Put this in a nice bowl, older sis" I mimic with a wink and a cheeky smile. She rolls her eyes and follows my instruction.

"I hate you" she mumbles under her breath.

"You love me" I sing as I walk out of the kitchen to greet everyone else. "Hi guys" I hug everyone, sharing a moment with them.

"Hey babe," Jack comes up in front of me, placing his hands on my hips "Why was Sydnie talking to you?" He asks.

"Oh, well. She just wanted to say hi, we haven't seen each other in a few years" I chuckle, moving out of his grip. "Don't be so naive jack."

He hums in response. We all sit down at the table as Sydnie brings out the bowl of mashed potatoes. We all dig into the food, each of them saying complimentary things about the food. I sigh in relief, now knowing that the food isn't toxic.

Everything is going smoothly so far. The only thing that worry's me about my plan is the response I get. What if everyone hates the idea? What if Jacks response is no? My leg bounces as I start to become more nervous. Sydnie eyes me from across the table, telling me to calm down. Her foot eventually kicks my leg. My leg continues to bounce.

"You good?" Jack whispered in my ear. My breath hitches in my throat, I nod. "Zach what's wrong?" He asked placing a hand on my bouncing knee. I look up at him, my eye brows furrowed together in worry.

"U-Um" I choke out. I take a deep sigh before standing up from the table. "Jack?" I call out to him. He looks confused and startled. I look up at the ceiling, taking another deep breath before I start again. 

Everyone is looking at me in confusion, except Sydnie. She had a smile on her face, ready for me to do what I wanted to do. I turn to Jack.

"Jack Avery. We've been together for ten years, that has to count for something. Right?" I chuckle. Out of the corner of my eye I see Sydnie nod. "Over the last ten years, my love for you has only grown. Through the tears, the heartache, the love never stopped. And one of the most important reasons why I am doing this now is that you, jack Avery, make me happy. So happy, there is no limit." By this point, jacks eyes were glossed over with tears.

"I don't regret anything I did in high school. Because in the end, it led me to to you. I don't know why you decided to take a chance on me. But you did, and it's one of the best things hat I let happen. The letters I wrote were only to help me, and according to my mother," I look over at her to find a smile "it was supposed to make me less shy and to confront my nerves."

"It didn't help with that" everyone laughed at the simple comment. "But it did help me find you." Tears streamed from my eyes and down my cheeks. Jack stood up, wiping the tears from under my eyes. "The letters were meant to be sent, because it led to you. I love you Jack Robert Avery. I will never stop loving you."

I took a deep breath, was I doing this? I smiled and stepped away, digging in my pocket and taking out the little black box. "So from here on out, I would not like to be called your boyfriend. I would like to be called your husband." I kneeled down, opening the box to reveal a gorgeous ring. Not too much, I know jack doesn't like flashy. "Jack Robert Avery, will you, honestly, make me the happiest man on earth and be my husband?"

His hands clasped over his mouth.  A sob escaped his mouth as he nodded. "Yes!" My smile grew wider as realization hit me. I stood up, taking the ring out of the box. He held his hand out, in a swift motion the ring fit perfectly on his ring finger. I wrapped my arms around him, soft sobs escaped his lips.

"I love you so much Zach" he whispered into my ear. Loud cheers we're heard around us. My mom was crying as was Jacks uncle and Aunt.

"I love you too jack" he pulled away. He placed a sweet kiss in my lips, I couldn't help but smile into the kiss.

I loved him, and that was never going to change.

•  •  •

>hi, they are engaged.

>I will be doing a wedding chapter


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