letter eight

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Unfortunately, I was able to wake up quickly and be brought back into reality. As depressing as it is, I didn't want to be in the swirl of drama and thoughts once again. By far, the worst thing I've had to deal with were the nightmares of that night. It's only been a week but I feel suffocated once again. I'm trapped and there is no way to get out.

I have a concussion, broken ribs, and a broken neck. What a surprise that I couldn't go back to school. Migraines come throughout the day, some days are good where I only get a couple. By other days I get what seems like thousands, too many to count.

"Here you go honey." My mom handed me a soup with yet another apologetic smile.

Ever since the incident she's been acting like everything is her fault. I'll walk to her bedroom and hear her crying, mumbling things to herself along the lines of 'it's all my fault' and 'I should've helped.' Each time I walk in and comfort my crying mother. Her depression was finally starting to get to her. Every built up emotion kept inside was finally being let out. Sometimes all you need is to let it go. She's been doing that, slowly but surely she is understanding that anything that happened that night isn't her fault.

"Thanks" I took the warm soup in my hands, placing it gently on my knee.

"Um, Zach?" She placed a cold hand atop mine. A small smile playing on her lips. I nodded, swallowing the soup. "You have to go back to school on Monday. And I assure you someone will be there to help."

"It's ok mom. I knew I would have to go back" I caressed the back of her hand slowly to comfort her. She nodded slowly.

"I want to drive you. I just don't trust you walking alone" 

After I collapsed to the floor my mom said Dad left and wasn't heard from ever since. I didn't mind, the household was a lot more quiet without the the tension. It seemed peaceful for once. I nodded, not saying another word. She stood up and walked to the door, stopping at the frame.

"And Zach, it's not your fault. You did nothing wrong, please understand that" She looked back at me.

She looked tired. I wanted to comfort her but when you are a reck yourself you can't. It doesn't work like that, no matter how much you want it to. Dark bags layer under her eyes, and the once sparkly brown eyes were now replaced with dull, dark brown ones.

"It's not your fault either. I love you" I smiled up at her. A small small appearing on her lips as well.

She nodded before leaving the room. I placed the now empty bowl on my nightstand. I watched the TV, the news was playing. It was either that or Disney, I wouldn't mind either. But if I put Disney Reese would hear and be running around yelling and giggling.

She doesn't understand what happened yet. Ryan was solemn, he took care of Reese and made sure she remained quiet. He understood everything, when mom needed rest he took care of me. I'm not allowed to walk downstairs. Well according to mom, the doctors said I was ok to walk. Nothing hyper.

The door bell rang along with the door opening a few seconds later. Mumbling was heard before footsteps sounded up he stairs. Appearing in the doorway was someone I never thought would show up.


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>yes I realize you don't know what happened yet.
>it's not as simple as everyone thinks...
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