letter nine

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Jack stood under the off white door frame looking directly at me. I stared back, my mind wouldn't process words. All I could think about is what lies I would come up with. I wouldn't of expected myself to break down right in front the high school jock. That's exactly what I did.

Warm tears flowed from my eyes and down my cheeks. My vision immediately blurring up from the salty tears. He dropped his back pack, quickly running to me. "It's ok Zach, I'm here."

I don't know what washed over me, I had never been like this with anyone else. Maybe it was the fact that Jack was the boy I always wished I had or the fact that he kept his promise. He didn't leave, he came back.

My arms clung to his neck like he was going to drift away. My mind clouded with nothingness, no clear thoughts. Jack wrapped his arms around me protectively, one hand rubbing up and down my back slowly. I dug my face further into the crook of his neck, he didn't bother moving. I needed him right now and he understood.

"I will always be here" he whispered, kissing my temple. I don't know when it happened, but suddenly we created a bond that couldn't be broken. All his fears became mine and I understood them. All my insecurities were shared with his and to me it seemed like someone finally understood.

The flow of tears dried up leaving my eyes puffy and red. Jack pulled away from the long lasting hug, his hands resting on my cheeks. The pad of his thumb caressed my cheek and I couldn't feel more content.

"Zach what happened?" He asked quietly. His voice was silk, music to my ears. It was welcoming, I've had it before but never like this. I felt loved in a different kind of way. In more than 'I'll be there for you when you need it' but a 'I'll be there for you all the time.'

So I explained everything. From the very beginning to the very end. From where I told my parents I was gay to when they found out I had been suspended numerous times. When my father came home drunk and angry to the sorrow for my mother when she cried out. I told him everything. The weight of the universe rolled off my shoulders, seeping into the crust of the earth. I never had to see it anymore, not alone at least.

"Zach you listen to me" he held my face in his hands, gaining my gaze. "I will always love you. I will always be there for you. No matter what. Got it?" I nodded. "Good" He once again pulled me in for a passionate hug.

"Boys?" A soft voice called from the doorway. I look up to see my mom, jack pulled away also looking that way. She smiled lightly at us "jack do you want to stay for dinner."

"Sure" he smiled back, sending me a cheeky smile. My lip quirked up, I couldn't help but feel some sort of happiness when Jack was here with me.

"Zach, I think you can walk downstairs now" she giggled. For once in the past week I saw my moms eyes twinkle and a true smile appear. Nothing about her seemed tired, she had bounce in her step. Something she lost that night. "I'll be waiting" she went downstairs, leaving us alone once again.

"Are you coming back to school Monday?" Jack asked helping me up from my bed. We began walking down the steps. I nodded looking up to him. "I'll be there for you"

That's when I felt it. The group of fireworks explode in the pit of my stomach. The tingles flew up my arm, jack squeezed my hand. He was holding my hand; and it fit so right. A true smile crept on my face as he kept our hands interlaced.

"Spaghetti anyone?" Mom laughed.

Everything felt right.

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