Good Night

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I had just finished getting ready for the night while Jack was getting under the covers of our bed. It felt good the say that, our bed. Never in a million years would I imagine my self sharing a place with Jack. It seemed so surreal in high school, like it was totally unbelievable.

I had a long day at work so the second I got home I got ready for bed. Today is Jacks day off which allowed him to sleep in.

I flopped down on the bed face first, a small chuckle escaped Jacks lips. I felt his hand rub small circles on my bare back, it was soothing. At some point in my life everyone I interacted with did this but with Jack it felt like so much more.

"Long day at work?" He chuckled. I flipped my head so I can see him. A small smile played on his lips as he continued to watch the TV.

"Yup. Working is hard" I whined, I usually never whine but when days like this happen I can't help it.

"I know, I know." His gaze finally met mine. His thumb gently rubbed back and forth on my cheek. "You just need sleep" I nodded in agreement. My bottom lip stuck out a little. Whenever I was tired or sad I always made a pout, that's what Jack says. But he calls it cute when I always try to stop it.

He opened his arms so I could cuddle into his side. Pulling the blanket above our cold bodies, jack placed a kiss on my forehead. I smile up at him before speaking up. "How was your day" the TV was giving the spaces between our voices noise, but not too loud.

"Lazy" we both let out a hearty chuckle "but it would've been better if you were here." I felt my cheeks heat up just by the simple gesture. It's 10 years into our relationship and he still makes my heart flutter and my cheeks burn every time he does a loving thing to me.

"We have tomorrow together" i rest my head on his chest while his hands run through my damp hair. My eyes started to become heavy as he hums a random tune. I wrap my arms around his waist trying to cuddle deeper into his side.

"What do you think about taking a week off for our selves? Instead of just one day." He pauses waiting for my response. I loved the idea but at this point I knew we couldn't. "Wouldn't it be nice?" I hummed in response. "Just the two of us. Alone" his voice lowered to a whisper. I bit my lip to try and hide the smile growing on my lips. "Who knows, maybe we could go to the mountains. Or, I know you like the warmth, Hawaii."

"That sounds nice" I finally speak up. That was everything I wanted. For us to be alone, secluded. Where no one can tell us what to do. Just a week for us. "But" I turn my head to look at him, my chin resting on his bare chest. "We can talk about that tomorrow. I want to sleep"

He chuckles, reaching over for the remote he turned off the TV leaving us in nothing but silence. "Whatever you want."

"I love you Jack"

"I love you too" I leaned up just a bit and placed a sweet, loving kiss on Jacks lips. "Good night Darling." He softly kissed me once more before turning the lamp off.

"Good night Jack"

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