letter one

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Dear Jack,

Its Zach, you probably don't know who I am. I seriously don't blame you, you are the star basketball player and I'm just... me. The kid who sits alone during lunch, and the kid who you always catch starring at you. I swear I'm not creepy, but when one person takes up so much space in the other person's mind you can't help but admire. My mom said I should write feelings down; saying that it will help clear my mind. But it isn't working.

~ Sincerely Zach

I sighed as I finished the first letter of many.I would rather be playing my guitar but my mom is all up on me about getting my health in order. But I find these completely stupid, its no like they are going to be sent.

Writing these letters are my escape from therapy. Mom is always worried about me, saying I'm too quiet. Music is my way to express my feelings, but she just doesn't understand that. According to her, writing down feelings helps with anxiety, and she was always the one to believe that buzz feed shit.

I picked up my guitar resting it on my knee as I placed my hands on the right position. I strum, everything in my mind slipped away as I played. Everything came rushing back when there was a knock on my door.

"Come in" I muttered hoping the person wouldn't hear me and just leave.

"Hey honey" My mom walked in with a sweet smile on her face.

"Hey mom" I spun my chair around so I'm facing my desk that sat in front of a window.

"Um, here are some envelopes for your letters. I think you should put them in there and prepare it just so it feels real." She placed the envelopes and stamps on my desk before placing her cold hand on my shoulder.

"Honey maybe you should go outside or something. Maybe a walk or you could even go get groceries or something I just want you out there, ya know?" I sighed finally looking up at her desperate eyes.

"Alright, I'll get groceries." I removed the strap from around my neck and placed He guitar gently against my wall.

"Thank you sweetheart. And while you're there why don't you ask them about opening positions for work" she smiled lightly.

"I'm already sending out letters, I'm filling out the resumes and sending them out next Monday" I walk to my closet flinging the doors open

"Oh ok, well you have fun. Stay out as long as you want" she smiled already know I'll come home right after I finish.

"Alright, money?" She hands me a 100 dollar bill.

"And please spend it wisely" she warns.

"Ok I will" I kiss her on the cheek "now leave so I can change" she giggles and leaves the room

I change quickly into a pair of black ripped jeans and an orange sweatshirt. I leave the house with a quick goodbye and start making my long walk down to the grocery store.

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