letter ten

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It's about to be the end of the first week I've been back. I would lay in bed at night and think about the days before everything happened. More like the days before jack decided to enter my life. Everyday I was scared to leave my room and go to school, but this past week if anything would make me nervous he was there.

I wanted to just be friend with him so bad, but the other side of me wanted more. The swirling in the pit of my stomach only grew more violent as the week went along. Now that it was Friday I felt relieved that I had an opportunity to go and try to relax my emotions.

"So Zach" Jack speaks up after a good 20 minutes of silence. Jack and I were walking home together, we've been doing that for the whole week. I enjoyed every bit, it made me feel special. Maybe it was because jack chose me over anyone else to walk with or maybe because I had a chance to get to know Jack. A chance other people didn't get.

"Yeah Jack?" I look up at him, tearing my gaze away from my dirty vans. He nervously bit his bottom lip, just the sight gave me shivers. Whenever he does something 'cute' I can't hold the shivers back. Jack had a major effect on me, either good or bad.

"Um, do you maybe wanna study for our history test together? Sunday?" I smiled lightly as my cheeks flushed red. I still have one day to try and calm down the swirling and the constant thoughts of Jack. That should be enough. Plus, who would pass up hanging out with Jack. Alone.

"Sure, how about noon?" He brightly smiled, his once nervous demeanor now morphing into a happy and energetic one. I slightly giggled at the bounce in his step.

"Noon is great" we stopped in front of his house. It was a plain gray home with white shutters lining the sides of the windows. His front porch was surrounded with flowers planted in the dirt. A typical house, it looked like a fraternal twin to my house. "See you Sunday Zach"

I nodded not really knowing what to say. Both of us stood there awkwardly, not sure of how to say goodbye. A handshake? Too formal. A pat on the arm? No, just no. A hug? Too touchy, even though we've hugged before it was for a cause. Hugging to say goodbye just doesn't fit right now.

"Jack! Get in here and feed your sister!" Jacks mother yelled from the front door saving us both from a goodbye. He nodded before turning back to em.

"I gotta go, see you Sunday" he ran up and disappeared into his house.

When I walked into my house I was greeted by the scent of cookies. This whole week every time Jack would come over or just walk me to my house my mom would get excited and more giddy than usual. By now I'm betting she guessed I have feelings for the curly headed boy, but I never directly admired it. Which kept her mouth shut from embarrassing me in any form.

"Mom!" I yelled closing the door and slipping my shoes off. My mother came into he living room smiling brightly, a spoon in her hand a flour smeared all over her apron. I chuckled at the sight of my messy mother.

"Where's Jack? I made cookies" she handed my the spoon. I took it and immediately begin eating the dough.

"His mom needed him for something" I shrugged. She nodded before continuing to stir with a clean spoon.

"Um Zach" her small voice asked, her gaze still lingering on the bowl of dough. I nodded telling her to continue. "Let's have a little chat."

"Did something happen to Reese or Ryan?" I asked, my attention now fully for my mom.

"No, no. It's about you." I nodded, whatever she was talking abut she was nervous. But a smile still appeared on her thin lips. "So you and Jack? You have feelings?" Oh god no. I shrugged but still nodded. I wasn't going to lie at this point. "Ok and you know how the body works-"

"Nope! Not listening to this!" I stood up from the chair, dropping the spoon in the sink.

"Zachary!" She yelled after me but I cut her off with 'lalalas.' She huffed grabbing onto my arm. "Do you know sex!" She asked a bit too loud. My eyes widened in terror as I heard the footsteps of my siblings.

"Mom!" I whisper yelled.

"You brought this on yourself" she pointed an accusing finger at me. Ryan came down smirking at the two of us.

"Zach's having Sex?" Oh please, why?

This is going to be an interesting conversation.

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>Soooo, this is a filler😂 a long ass filler
>does anyone else's mom do that when they learn you ah e friends? Mine does😂
>when I was 13 I was innocent. A year later and this happened 😂
>830 words or something

>Kimberly ur gonna hate me for this but ima say it! Jonah DM'd me and followed my twitter :)

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