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E X T R A #5

I paced back and forth in the hotel room. Was this actually happening? Am I marrying Jack Avery? Sydnie groaned from annoyance in the corner of the room. I rolled my eyes before coming to a stop in front of the full length mirror.

I was wearing the typical black and white tux. As was Jack, we technically weren't supposed to see each other before the wedding but we saw each other in the halls.

"Wow. Babe you look amazing as always" Jack complimented, a deep blush rose to my cheeks.

"You look good too. I can't wait to marry you." I gushed.

"Only a couple hours left until the ceremony. And then our honey moon" I bit my lip, knowing exactly what the honey moon is going to be like. Pure bliss.

"Only a couple hours. I can do that." He rested his hands on my waist. Leaning down, he placed a passionate kiss on my lips.

"Only a couple hours and you will be Mr. Zach Avery" I smiled widely. I rested my head on his chest, already wanting to be Zach Avery.

"I can't wait"

"Neither can I"

Now it's a couple hours later and the ceremony is in a couple minutes. Sydnie insisted on being my father during the wedding, her excuse was "gender roles!" We were waiting to be told to go out.

"God Zach it's like you have never seen Jack before" she rolled her eyes. I glared at her through he reflection of the mirror. She noticed, a smile taking over her frown. "But I'm happy for you!"

"Thanks" I turned around to face her "I'm just nervous and I don't know why. Why am I nervous Sydnie? Be my father! Help me!" I stressed. I sat down on the bed next to her, my head dug deep into my hands.

"Ok calm down" she rubbed my back. I sent her another glare. "Ok that didn't help. You will do great, you look great, everything is set up and there is no run away groom!" She said excitedly. I looked up at her.

"He could totally run away! Oh my god Sydnie I'm going to die" I groaned.

"Jesus, get a grip" she stood up. "Clearly me sweet talking you isn't working so I'm going to be blunt. Zach fucking Herron you are going to go out there and slay that white thing on the floor" I opened my mouth the tell her the name but she cut me off "I don't care!"

"Marry my damn brother and stop worrying. God." She rolled her eyes. The door bust open, we were told to go out.

Here goes nothing.

The doors to the wedding hall opened painfully slow. "Good so far" Sydnie mumbled. I elbowed her in the side. "Ow" she breathed out.

The doors fully open my eyes scanned the people. We only invited close friends and family, all family. That made up most of the people here. My stomach did flips as my eyes met Jacks glossy ones. My smile never left my face, it was impossible.

We walked down the aisle, at the end Sydnie left my side to sit down. I stood in front of Jack, both of us already crying. I looked over Jacks shoulder to my mom and my siblings. Reese being the typical sixteen year old girl she is, is wiping her tears with a white hanker chief. I rolled my eyes, a light laugh escaping my mouth.

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