7.A Meeting of Sorts.

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A Meeting of Sorts.

Time on Triberias always went slower and by the time Havillah had gathered enough courage to wade back to the view point, it was already morning in the world below. The view beneath the clouds was the way she had left it. Meaning, no one had been there after her. Not Moriella or even the ever inquisitive Cjaira.

Havillah took a seat on a fluffy white cloud and took to watch the sunrise, her mind deeply buried in her never ending thoughts. As she stared on, admiring the reds and pinks and the swirling oranges on the almost bare horizon, a shadow caught her gaze and she squinted her eyes as she tried to make it out. As she did so, it suddenly disappeared from the sky in a dark wisp of evaporating vapour and in its place a smaller, equally dark form began to fall into the ocean depths below them.

In a spur of the moment, Havillah found herself descending down after it, shooting down from the skies like a bolt of lightening and as it touched the water surface, she reached out and held it, just in time to stop it from sinking into dark waters below. She groaned as she lifted the heavy humanoid form from the salty water and treaded its surface softly even as she dragged the thing to a nearby rocky island. She dropped the unmoving form on a soft parch of sand away from the tides reach and stopped to study it.

After studying the form for a while she surmised that it had to be a human wearing a suit since everyone knew that aliens from outer planets did not exist. Slowly she traced the edge of what she now knew to be the helmet and pulled at it to no avail. Taking in a deep breath, she stood up and took another step backwards in order to study the suit again. It was obviously made to be indestructible, but even as she thought on this, she noticed that there were puncture holes on the mid - section and a red fluid that had dried up on them.

"Not indestructible." She muttered to herself. "And definitely human."

She hunched down over the humanoid form and studied the suit again. This time though, she did it more intently and was more thorough even as she took in the intricate design and finally realised the mechanism that had put the humanoid armour so nicely together. As she continued to study it, she noticed a small button right below the chin and without a second thought she pressed it, causing the suit's visor to retract within the armour and reveal the very human face that was beneath it.

"I knew it!" Havillah remarked even as she bent over to study the young man's face. His was a skin that was quite bronzed out speaking of the extended periods that he must have spent under the sun. His rashes were long. The longest that Havillah had ever seen and dark like the moist strands of hair that were peeking out from beneath his helmet. The man was handsome, Havillah admitted to herself and with his angular face, high cheek bones and strong jaw she was sure that the man had his fair share of admirers wherever it was that he came from. However he was a little pale but even then he still exuded that sort of 'masculine' charm that a man stature could only afford.

"Now, what to do with you?" she spoke again even as reached out a hand to feel his cold forehead. As her fingers grazed his cool skin, green eyes fluttered open and Havillah fell back as cried out in surprise.


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