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Triberias  by CarleneKimberly
Triberias by C. K. Kimberly
One day. Twenty four hours.Twelve hours of Light when no one shall stumble and twelve hours of darkness when all hell breaks lose - Literally. The temples are all abando...
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Kidnapped by the devil (tomtord) by demonicdemonkiller
Kidnapped by the devil (tomtord)by D35t1ny_d31d
(Everything is the same except that tord takes tom with him in the robot and is the devil) Tom is priest Edds right hand man, what happens when 'the end' has a fue twis...
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What Are You Looking For? Part 2: The Liturgy and the Sacraments by klm120861
What Are You Looking For? Part Kris
This is the second section of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. This section is the section on the Life in Christ. It covers the liturgy and the sacraments. The C...
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Catholic Kid Things by Bright525
Catholic Kid Thingsby Bright525
If you're a teenager being raised Catholic or really any young person who is a devout Christian, in a big family, has strict parents, or a combination of these things, h...
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Preacher by Killjoy_iero
Preacherby Killjoy_iero
After already fucking half the staff of the Glenside Asylum for the mentaly insane Catholic 'school' Frank Iero is met with someone as fears as himself. Father Way. Will...
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Not So Lonely Anymore by RWBYSchnee
Not So Lonely Anymoreby RWBYSchnee
Ezekeil, the Demon Assassin, has been wandering alone for as long as he can remember. Until one day, he met Theo, a Knight of the Grey Republic looking for his liege. Tr...
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Faaz! Paak! Dinok! by WAFFLEZYAIBOI
Faaz! Paak! Dinok!by Lady Cornbread
Draugr. What are they? Why are they here? Why do they still walk the halls of their tombs, when they should be resting? Aka: this is what happens when you play too much...
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The Queen of Itorica by LisKester
The Queen of Itoricaby Lis Kester
Fortuna was never supposed to be Queen. But when she's thrust violently and unexpected on the throne by her father's Guard, she quickly discovers everyone wants to cont...
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The Cyber Exorcist by ARKwats0n
The Cyber Exorcistby ARKwats0n
I wanted to find out what happens when a demon afflicts a Post-Human consciousness, that is, a being afflicts a human who has uploaded their minds into an immortal body...
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Memories by ReenaHeights13
Memoriesby Reena Heights
A short story taking place in a future setting. A camp full of mutants who have been brainwashed, with only one who can remember.
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andromidakia: the diary of andromida by Shadowthorn
andromidakia: the diary of Shadowthorn
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She should forget by jajafilmE2
She should forgetby jajafilmE2
When I was writing this story, I was inspired by few questions. How were Lisa and Ben doing, after what Castiel erased their memory and Dean left them? Did Lisa actually...
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The Sullivan family, eager for a change, choose to move away from the city and start anew in a quiet town in middle America. Little did they know that they had just trad...
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Aurora by segsal
Auroraby Segun Alabi
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Crows and Crosses by jenta07
Crows and Crossesby jenta07
Cats eyes see more of the world than you think and if those eyes also belong to a fallen angel, well, you'd better listen to what he has to say about what he's seen. ~An...
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Leave High and Dry ✔ by Hermioneabba
Leave High and Dry ✔by Hermioneabba
(Completed) A/N: Don't forget to VOTE and COMMENT on each chapter if you liked them. For 17-year-old Harmony Auburn, being the elder sister of 15-year-old Garnet wasn't...
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Drunk Priests & Dangerous Beasts by Davewilke
Drunk Priests & Dangerous Beastsby Dave Wilky
All Tyrhan wants to do is dedicate his life to his God Velorne. However Velorne has other ideas for the young Novice. There's a creature terrorising the land that needs...
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Priests of the Mist Roster by majinbookid123
Priests of the Mist Rosterby Majinbookid123
The characters to this upcoming story with my friend fandomemperess. COPYRIGHT: Know that I don't own any of these pictures