Bonus Chapter

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Okay, I missed writing this, so I made a bonus chapter!

How Jane Met Mark:

"Okay, truth or dare?" Hazel asked, sitting criss crossed in my room with Sara

"Hmm, dare!" I answered, smiling at both the girls.

As Hazel pressed dare on my phone, because Sara insisted that we play Truth or Dare on my phone.

Sara grabbed the phone in her hand and read its content.

"Okay," Sara spoke up, "I dare you to prank call a random number." She said, then handed me my Samsung.

"You guys always give me stupid dares, but whatever." I laugh, as I open my dial pad.

Hmm, what number should I use? I pondered

Ooh! I got it!

I dial the number

After 3 rings a voice says, "Hello?"

"Oh, hello!"

"Who is this?"

"This is um,"

"THE HOSPITAL!" Hazel yells

"What? What happened?" The voice asked

"We need you to get here immediately! There's been an accident and the police are here and you're their number one suspect!" I say, trying my hardest to contain my laughter.

"What? Why!"

"I can't say over the phone."

"Okay, I'm on my way to the hospital, but which one?"

"Umm, Fades Hospital!"

"That hospital is like 10 miles away!"

"Well you better get gas." I smirk

The girls behind me giggle.

"Wait, is this a prank-"

Before he can say the rest, I hang up the phone releasing my endless laughter.

Sara has tears in her eyes while laughing, while Hazel stays giggling at her spot.

"You guys are so stupid." I chuckle

"That's why we're best friends!" Hazel says.


As I walk down the hallway I see a boy talking with his friends.

"I'm telling you guys, that person that called me goes to this school!" He says

That was him?

"Look Mark," his friend on the left of him says, "We'll never know who it is anyways."

As I'm being sucked into their conversation, I lose my balance while walking and bump into the water fountain.

The boy called Mark ran over to me and helped me up when I had fell.

"Thanks." I said

"You're welcome, are you okay?" He says

"Uh yeah." I reply

He looks at me for a second and says, "That voice sounds familiar, were you the one who prank called me?"

"Uh, yeah. It was a dare."

"That's one of the lamest dares that I've heard of." We both laughed

I continued to walk down the hallway when he stopped me.

"Would you, like to have lunch with me?"


"I don't know, you just seem cool.."

"Okay." I smile

He turns, then turns back to me. "Oh and by the way, I already knew that it was you Jane." He smiled.

He walked off leaving me with my thoughts.

He knew me.

And he was kind of cute too.

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