Chapter 16 - Dangerous

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I walk down the road quickly as I brush my hand through my hair.

If Quinn was his sister, then he must've been related to Evan.

I needed to get away from him.

My phone buzzed in my pants pocket.

I took it out and observed the screen.

5 missed calls from Paul.

10 new messages from Paul:

Are you okay? You just left

Tell me where you are.

Are you alright?

Did something happen?

Come on Hazel.

Why did you need to know that Quinn was my sister?

I'm going to start looking for you.


Where are you?


With tears forming in my eyes, I blocked his number.

I then realised.

Jasmine! I have to get her.

Taking off my heels, I ran back to my house, eager to get my daughter.

I open the door slowly, not wanting to make a sound and looked around the house.

No one's here.

I ran upstairs to Jasmine's room and say her drawing.

I sighed in relief.

She turned around and looked at me with her big brown eyes before saying, "Daddy was looking for you."

"I know sweetie." I said

"He was really worried." She sniffed

I ran over to her and cupped her face with my hands.

"Were you crying sweetie?"

She nodded her head and sniffed again.

"It's okay," I hugged her, "Mommy's here. But we have to leave."


"I can't explain right now, but just go downstairs and I'll pack your stuff."

She nodded her head once again and left the room.

I grabbed her big purple striped suitcase and put everything in it.

Her clothes, her toys, her drawings, everything.

I had to move faraway from here.

As I packed her stuff, I noticed her drawing on her small table.

It was a picture of a man.

With dark hair, and blue eyes.

My heart beat fast, she had drew Evan.

I felt my heart beat throughout my whole body, pounding in my ears and making me paralyzed.

I grabbed the picture and ripped, then ripped it again, and again, and again.

The doorbell then rung and as I ran downstairs I saw Jasmine open the door.

"Who is it sweetie?" I shout

"He says his name is Evan!" She replies

"Close the door!" I shout

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