Chapter 2: The Party

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After that nightmare, Hazel didn't get that much sleep for the horrifying images of Jane still lingered in her mind. Hazel kept her eyes wide open ever since. Once she finished getting ready for school she headed to the kitchen where she found her mom on the phone.

What are they talking about?  Hazel wondered.

Once her mom got off of the phone Hazel asked her, "Who was that?"

"Mr. Pim, your new therapist."


"I know sweetie, it may be hard but he's one of the best and you need sleep."

"No! I'm not going to a therapist! I'm not crazy mom!"

"I didn't say you were crazy, I just- look just go there for me okay?"

Hazel hesitated before nodding her head and taking a seat at the table.


"Look! It's Jane's murderer!" A girl with short brown hair smirked.

Hazel rolled her eyes and headed to her locker where she saw Mark waiting for her there.

"Mark? What are you doing?" She asked

"Um, usually I would've asked Jane, but you know she's dead so I have to ask you."

"Ask me what?"

"Come with me to Britany's party tonight."

"A party?"

"Yeah. And besides with everything that's happened you need to have a little fun. You're to tense these days."

Hazel just stared at him. A party? She's never been to a party before, unless a graduation counted. Hazel was always the type of girl who just did good in school and read. Although it sounded intriguing she couldn't.

"I'm sorry but I have to visit her."

Mark gazed at her. "You don't visit Jane's grave unless you have nightmares."

"Well I had one last night, and they're getting worse, my mom is making me see a therapist."

"Maybe you need to." Mark stated

"Mark! I don't want to talk about my personal problems to a stranger! And it doesn't make me feel any better that the name therapist spells out the name the rapist!"

Mark laughed, "Come on Haze! You need this! And you can go to this party with me!"

"I don't want to be around a bunch of drunk teenagers!"

"Just don't drink!"

Hazel rolled her eyes, grabbed her stuff, and walked off to her class. Today was going to be a very hard day especially since she only got three hours of sleep. Maybe Mark is right. Maybe this party will be okay.

Hazel continued walking to her class. She turned around and saw that a boy was running towards her with a bucket in his hand.

What the-

The boy dumped the bucket on her head pouring all the ice cold water on her head.

"Now you know how Jane felt." He said laughing, before running off.

On the verge of crying, she picked up her now drenched books and ran to the bathroom to get napkins. Hazel would tell the teachers but what would they do? They'd just threaten to suspend them, and the bullying would just continue. Hazel also wasn't the kind to snitch either.

She tied her hair in a ponytail, grabbed her books and bag, and left the restroom.


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