Chapter 1: 1 year later

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A\N: This story includes mature topics, if you're sensitive to these topics I recommend not reading this story.

Don't cry. Don't cry!

Hazel held back her tears as the kids kept making fun of her.

"It's your fault that she's dead! You probably pushed her!" One boy yelled

Hazel's best friend, Jane, drowned in the lake by her house. Hazel saw it all. Jane struggling and drowning and quickly losing breath. But Hazel didn't do anything. She just froze in her spot terrifyingly watching her best friend die. That day was May 7, 2016. And today marked a year since her death.

Hazel ignored the boy and continued working on her lesson. Algebra. Technically her favorite subject. But her mind kept drifting to that terrible day. And ever since the funeral. Hazel was never the same. She didn't smile or laugh anymore. She was just another wandering soul at Kenton Point High School. The bell rung giving Hazel joy as she quickly ran out of the classroom.

She ran straight to her locker and opened it showing a picture of Jane and her. In that picture it was Hazel's fifteenth birthday, and it showed Jane, making a silly face with her ginger hair in two braids, and Hazel who was smiling with her black hair falling to her shoulders. Hazel smiled, then she got her book and closed the locker where a boy was standing by it. Hazel let out a soft scream that made her drop her books.

"Mark! You scared me!" She exclaimed staring at the brown haired boy in front of her.

Mark was Jane's boyfriend of two years. They were happy with each other and that made Hazel happy too.

"Sorry Haze." He bent down to help her with her books.

Once they got up Mark looked at her.

"How are you Hazel? I know its been hard for you..." He asked sadly

"I keep having nightmares." She replied.

"Look Hazel no matter what they say it wasn't your fault."

"But it was! My friend was in that lake drowning and I just stood there! She still would've been alive if I just would've-"

"Hazel! It is not your fault. You were scared, that's understandable."

"I could've saved her." She said with her voice breaking.  "I'm sorry Mark, but I have to go to my next class."

And with that she walked away to her Science class. Throughout the whole class Hazel tried her best to concentrate,  but when your best friend has died, it's kind of hard.

"Hazel! Get out of La La Land and answer my question!"

"Sorry Mr. Ken it won't happen again."

That rhymes. Hazel thought.


She's never here!

Hazel grabbed her house key out of her pocket and opened her front door. Her mom still wasn't there. Her mom worked as a doctor at Mercy Hospital and was almost never home.

Hazel went to her room and layed on her bed. It was times like these where she'd text Jane. Times like these before that horrific day. Instead Hazel turned on her TV hoping that a nice comedic show would take her mind off of it.

How about Black-ish? She thought

It was one of her favorite shows that always made her laugh no matter what her mood was. She flipped through the channels and found it, laughing at how funny the Johnson family was.

Seconds turned to minutes, and minutes turned to hours, and Hazel finally got tired of watching TV. She grabbed her towel and headed to the bathroom to take her shower. She always checked behind the shower curtains just in case she saw Jane.

In one of her nightmares Jane was standing behind the shower curtain soaking wet, with her hair a mess and blood trickling out of her nose. Hazel could still hear her shrill screams.

Hazel cringed at the thought and turned on the water watching it shoot through the shower head raining it's hot water. She took off her clothes and enetered the shower feeling the hot water hit her back.

After taking a nice long shower she got out, put on her pajamas: a black tank top with creme shorts. And went back to her room.

She layed on her bed once again and drifted off into sleep.


Hazel hyperventilated at the sight in front of her. The same lake where Jane drowned. After a few seconds all the water turned to dark red blood, almost like poison and saw someone crawl out, their skin pale and their hair messily draped over their face and their clothes tore almost showing all of her body. Hazel then realized the person as Jane and slowly backed away from the lake.

Jane continued crawling out slowly grasping on to the grass that was on the ground, her eyes now fixed on Hazel.

Once she came out she pointed her pale and rotted finger at Hazel letting out a shrill terrifying scream that made Hazel cover her ears.

"You!" Jane screamed, her finger still pointing at Hazel. "This is all your fault!"

"I'm sorry Jane! I really am." Hazel cried falling to the ground.

"You're coming with me!" Jane screamed again crawling fast towards Hazel.

Hazel ran but tripped over a stick that was in the way. Jane them grabbed her by her two feet and dragged her to the poison looking water. Hazel continued screaming while Jane kept dragging her.

"Please Jane! I'm sorry!" She screamed still crying.

She felt her legs getting wet then her shirt until she was completely in the water. She then saw Jane's lifeless face.

Tons of blood trickled out of her noise, and ears, and eyes

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Tons of blood trickled out of her noise, and ears, and eyes. Making her scream more. She felt herself drowning and losing life until...

"Hazel! Wake up!"

Hazel shot up feeling her shirt soaked from sweat and her heart racing like she ran a mile. She looked over to the person standing next to her who was her mom.

"Were you having nightmares again? You were screaming in your sleep."

Hazel nodded her head planting it on her mothers chest sobbing.

"Make it stop mom, please make it stop." She sobbed

"I'm sorry that you're dealing with this sweetie, I really am." Her mom gently stroked her head.

"She won't stop mom." She kept sobbing, "She just won't."

A/N: Hey guys! This is actually my first horror story so I hoped you liked it! It was kind of hard writing it because I'm not scary at all. Lol.

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