Chapter 12- The Actual Truth

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A/N: This is going to be a very long chapter, so I suggest that you get a snack or something. Lol.

Jane looked around her. She was tied to a chair like before, but this time Hazel was also tied there.

Wait what? Jane thought

It seemed like, Hazel was crying. Why was she crying. This whole time she made Jane's life a living hell, and she had the audacity to cry. If anything, Jane should be crying! Not her.

Jane looked at her again, Hazel's hair was messy, and her eyes were so red from crying.

"Why are we here and why are you crying?" Jane barked

But Hazel didn't answer, she continued crying.

"Why are we here, and why are you crying!"  She screamed

"I'm so sorry Jane. I didn't think that all of this would happen, he made me do it." She was sobbing now.

"Wait, what? Who made you do it?"

She sighed, "Evan."




Everything was perfect, he was perfect.

It was like something that was straight out of a fairy tale. I loved him, and I knew that he loved me.

Evan. That was his name. And I loved him with all of my heart. We've been dating for at least two months now.

Two amazing months.

We were the most popular couple at our school. And I loved that.

But I didn't know that he'd make me do something that I'd always regret.


"I'm breaking up with you."

"What?" I gasped

"You heard me, I'm breaking up with you."

"Well... why?"

"Look Hazel, you're a sweet girl and all, but I just don't love you."

I was flabbergasted. The boy who was my only love was breaking up with me. It didn't make sense.

"Um, I-"

"We're over Hazel." He said firmly before walking away


"Oh my gosh Hazel, you're still crying?" My friend Sara asked me

"HE BROKE UP WITH ME! Of course I'm crying." I wailed

"You need to get over him." She scolded

"I'm sorry Sara."

"It's okay, but anyways did you hear about the thing with that girl named Quinn?"


"Yeah, Quinn-Kelly Brookes." She said

"What about her?" I asked

"Rumor has it, that Evan asked her out."


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