Chapter 10- Alive

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Listen to Alive by Sia for this chapter.

Third Point of view:

A brown haired boy walked down the street, very disappointed. His date stood him up, and he thought that a nice calm walk wiuld cheer him up.

His date was very beautiful, she had long blonde hair and green eyes that went perfectly well with her freckles on her perfect face.

But she stood him up, saying that she already had a date.

His walk was going well until he saw a fire in the distance. He ran to the fire and saw a burning bus.

On the side of it, he saw a girl laying on the ground covered in blood and groaning.

"Is any one there?" She weakly said

The boy ran over to her and held her hand, "I'm here, um let me call the police."

He quickly took out his phone and dialed 911.

"She's not going to stop until I'm dead, you should leave before she kills you too." She said crying

"Shh, don't worry, the police and ambulance are on their way, you'll be okay." He said, "How did this happen anyway?"

"She wanted me dead so I wouldn't give the police this video. But the cameras gone now." She cried, "Now she's going to kill me."

"I won't let her hurt you, it's okay."

"NO IT'S NOT!" She screamed, sobbing now.

"What's your name?" The boy asked her

"Jane... what about yours?"


"That's a nice name. When are the police coming?"

"Soon, they should be here in five minutes or so."

Jane stared at the boy, he had blackish brown eyes that matched perfectly with his brown tan hair. A few minutes later the police came and so did the ambulance and they took her to the hospital.

While she was laying on her hospital bed she heard a soft knock on the door.

"It's open." She said

Evan opened the door and came in with flowers in his hand and a ballon that read: Get better soon!

"What are you doing here?"

"I just wanted to make sure that you were okay." He replied

"Oh, well thanks."

Evan sat in the seat by the bed and gave her the flowers. They were yellow tulips and pink daisies.

"They're pretty." She smiled

"Uh yeah, I didn't know what kind you liked so I got you these."

"They're fine." She smiled again

Awkward tension filled the air and Jane could feel herself blushing.

"Why were you walking down the road late at night like that?" She asked him

"Well actually, my date stood me up."

"Oh that's so sad." She frowned, "You seem like a nice guy."

"You think I'm nice?"

"Well you saved my life, so you must be nice."

"I was walking because that's what I do to take my mind off of things."

Jane grinned, "I actually went walking with my mom before-"

"Before what?" Evan asked her

Before Hazel tried to kill me.

"It doesn't matter, but anyways I still want to thank you for what you did." She fake smiled, trying to hide the tears.

"Are you okay?"

"No." She cried

"What's wrong?" He asked holding Jane's hand

"You should go, you probably should worry about your own life, I'm fine really."

"You almost died, I'm pretty sure you're not okay." He stated, "Don't you have any family?"

"No..." She said

"Then I'll stay with you." He insisted

Jane would tell him to leave but she knew he wouldn't listen. He just wouldn't. Jane had to do something before he got hurt too. She already knew what she was going to do, but she wasn't so sure.

Maybe.. I mean no one would miss me anyway.

Jane sighed, the last thing she needed was for anyone to care about her. Everyday Jane knew that her life was in danger, and if she died she didn't need anyone crying over her. She snatched her hand from Evan's and returned the flowers to him.

"That's really sweet Evan, but I don't need you to care about me. I might die anyways."

"Um Jane can I ask you something?"


"While you were asleep, the doctor told me that you were very under weight, have you been... starving yourself?" He asked

Jane stared at him. She had to tell somebody what happened to her.

"Um, I was like that because I was trapped for a whole month."

His eyes widened. "What?!"

Jane told him the whole story, about Hazel and Sara, and how she thought that she'd die being trapped in there. Once she finished she sobbing and Evan just sat next to her holding her.

"That's why I have to stop her, or she'll keep killing." She said still crying

"I'm so sorry that you had to go through this Jane."

"Well its not like anyone is going to help me anyways." She sniffled

Evan thought for a moment before saying, "I'll help you Jane... I mean, we both know that the police aren't going to do crap."

"No, you don't have to do that, I'm okay."

"No you're not, I will help you Jane." He said

And with that he got up,  kissed her on the cheek and left.

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