Chapter 9: Present Time

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Present Time.

"This is crazy! I never did anything!" Hazel screamed

"Oh yes you did!" Sara yelled, "YOU killed Mark and Sherri, YOU killed Dr. Pim, and YOU killed your mother!"

"And we have the cameras to prove it." Jane added

"What cameras?"

"When you killed me and trapped Jane, the camera got it all, except that no one wanted to check them because they thought they wouldn't find anything, but." Sara explained taking out a camera. "If we show this to the police station then you will go to prison for what you did!"

Hazel smirked. "I really thought that my plan would work." She sighed

"You're evil! Once Jane is healthy again we're going to take you down! The whole world will know what you did to those poor people!" She barked

"You're supposed to be dead! And so is Jane! I locked her in there for a fucking month! She should've died of starvation by now!" Hazel scolded

Hazel ran over to Sara and started choking her, with the camera falling out of her hands. Sara sratched Hazel in the face but she didn't stop choking her.

Before Sara would die, she yelled to Jane weakly, "Jane! Get the camera!"

Jane got up, grabbed the camera and smacked Hazel in the head with it, but Sara was already dead.

"You bastard!" She yelled kicking Hazel in the stomach.

Jane ran out of the house and she ran as fast as she could to the police station. She didn't run that far because she was weak so she made her way to a bus stop to wait.

After the bus came she got on and told the bus driver, "Take me to the nearest police station, NOW!" She yelled

The bus drove for over thirty minutes but still no station in sight. It was starting to get dark and Jane knew that Hazel would find her, like she always did.

"You're it now!" Hazel laughed staring at Jane

Jane sighed, "How come you're able to find me so easily? It's not fair!" She wailed

"I'm the best when it comes to finding people! Now it's your turn to count!" She grinned

"Fine," Jane sighed, "1,2,3,4,-"

Jane was snapped out of her thoughts when the bus came to a halt. She got up from her seat and ran to the bus driver.

"Why'd the bus stop!" She ordered

"I'm sorry Miss but I think the bus may be out of gas." He replied

"No! No! NO! She's going to find me! You have to keep the bus going!!" She screamed

"Who's going to find you?" He asked

"I have to get off, open the door." She ran back to the seat to get the camera, and ran back to the door, but it wouldn't open.

"OPEN THE DOOR!" She screamed pounding on it.

"I'm sorry Miss but it's not opening, the door has never had problems like this before!" He said trying to pull the lever to open the door

"Shit!" She muttered to herself

The lights of the bus then went out making Jane scream, and once they came back on
there sat the bus driver his eyes full of blood, and black ooze flowing out of his mouth, Jane turned around and saw the words written in blood on the window.

You can't escape Jane.

"Leave me alone! Why are you so evil!" She screamed, still gripping the camera tightly in her hands.

She then saw her. Hazel stood outside on the side of the bus with a lighter in her hand.

Jane looked out of the window and saw oil coming out of it.

She's going to blow up the bus!

Jane pounded on the windows and the door but it was no use. The door and window wouldn't budge. She was trapped in there, like she was in the shed.

The memories of being trapped in there went back into her mind and terrified Jane. She was going to die, and Hazel would just continue killing people, and she couldn't do anything about it.

Hazel then took a match out of her pocket and set it on fire and smiled before dropping the lighter onto the oil.

The bus blew up and all Jane felt after was pain.

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