Chapter 15 - His Sister

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13 Years Later.

"Oh honey, you're getting syrup all over yourself." I say getting bundles of napkins

"Sorry mommy." She apologizes.

"It's okay." I say

Jasmine was my 7 year old daughter who I loved so dearly. I laughed as she wiped off the syrup from her mouth and shirt.

After what happened, 13 years ago, I decided that I needed to move on. For Jane and myself.

I named my daughter Jasmine as a memory of Jane, Jasmine was her middle name. I also remembered  how she tried her best to save my life.

Most days I'd drive hours just to visit her grave, and I'd talk to her about everything.

It was like she was there with me.

The door opens making Jasmine jump from her seat and running to the door.

"Daddy! Daddy!" She screamed running through the halls

"Don't run Jasmine, you could hurt yourself." I chased after her

I saw her at the door embracing her father in a tight hug.

A few days after I moved, I met him.

It was when I was visiting Jane's grave.

Apparently he was there to visit his dead sister, and I felt horrible for him.

After we met there, we started talking a lot.

We went out on dates, and pretty soon he   became my boyfriend. 5 years later, he asks me to marry him and of course I say yes.

Then we had Jasmine.

"Hey Hazel." My husband smiled at me, kissing me on the cheek

"Hey," I reply, kissing him back

"Yuck!" Jasmine cringed

We both laughed at Jasmine's funny face.

"Let's do something!" I suggest.


Paul and I sit on the bench as we watch our daughter play on the slide and swings.

We decided to take her out for some fresh air.

My mind still goes back to that day.

And I haven't told Paul or Jasmine about Evan.

I don't want them to worry.

Paul notices my umhappy expression and held my hand stroking it softly with his soft fingers.

I look up at him and smile.

"OW MOMMY!" I hear Jasmine yell

I get up from the bench and run to the playground not seeing any trace of her.

"Jasmine?" I yell

Still no sign of her.

At the side of my eye, I see a black van.

Then I see someone draggong Jasmine into it.

"JASMINE!" I scream, running towards the van


The van gets away leaving me alone crying on the ground.

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