Chapter 14- Go To Hell

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"Let me go!" I scream, kicking my legs to get out of his grasp

He tied me to yet another chair and grabbed my face, forcing me to stare at him.

He then walled over and flipped a switch sending light throughout the whole room.

My heart beat rapidly at the sight before me.

Jane was dead.

She was dead.

Her body carelessly floated around in the water.

Evan laughed.

He seriously laughed.

"You're a monster! GO TO HELL!" I shouted at him

He stops laughing and gives me a big frown that deepened into a vicious scowl.

He raises his hand to slap me when all of a sudden,


He falls to the ground, when I see a man behind him.

It's a police officer.

"Are you alright ma'am?" He asks

Naahh, I wanted to say, but I shake my head fastly and he comes over to unties me.

I start crying. Not because I was sad, but because I'd be able to get away from him.

I run with him to the car and I load into it while he calls for backup on his walkie talkie.

Pretty soon more and more police officers came, asking me how I felt and if he had hurt me.

Once I was done answering their questions, I saw Evan in handcuffs being forced into the car.

I smile.

He's gone now. I thought

What hurt me the most was when I saw them push Jane's body into a ambulance on a stretcher.

I still couldn't believe that she was dead.

Okay, this was a short chapter, but I hope you still enjoyed it!

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