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Translucence by TheQuietHufflepuff
Translucenceby TheQuietHufflepuff
Kya Hansen was invisible to all but one. Her rambling spaz she liked to call him. Six years before, she had died and was left wandering aimlessly. Until she found out t...
Muffin ( Annabeth Chase x OC ) by spotconlonloverxx
Muffin ( Annabeth Chase x OC )by Molly
LOVE is just a word until someone comes along and gives it a meaning. (annabeth chase x fem) (TSOM-TLO)
Invisible by ReemieBeanieReader
Invisibleby ♥☆☻ ℝ𝕖𝕖𝕞𝕒 ☺★♡
"Confined to her invisible world, she must find an answer." Luna has been homeschooled ever since she was six, and all the friends she's ever needed have been...
Back At The Park ✔️ by Itsrainingjellybeans
Back At The Park ✔️by Jada
"That day at the park had been strange. I sat their alone with the sense of someone watching me swing on the swingset. My house was right down the street and my par...
bondage by ChayseSmith427
bondageby Chayse Smith
Lea enjoyed watching the stars gym with her twin sister Ashley but tonight was different... a huge metor hurled towards the ground. Lea: I didn't know there was a me...
Her Last Game  (hide and seek) (Watty's 2017) by RemainingAnonymous12
Her Last Game (hide and seek) ( RemainingAnoymous
What if every night since the age of 6 you begin to have the same frequent dream where your lying there dead in a puddle of ur own blood. What if you feel that someone i...
• DEAD YET ALIVE • by Jillie_king
Okay, Who thinks it was a good idea. Because I don't find any entertainment in this situation. Before I can reply, he lifts me in bridal style with a smirk on his face...
Хайр тоглоом байгаагүй. Хаана ч, хэзээ ч.. | VRDG: LL Анхааруулга! Энэхүү бичвэр нь gxg тул энэ төрөлд эмзэглэдэг болон таагүй ханддаг хүмүүс уншихгүй байна уу!
Strawberry Milk  by halcyon_sky_
Strawberry Milk by emily ♡
in which a dead girl recalls her first love. one rainy day in september, two lost souls spontaneously meet each other to share strawberry milk. the two form an unlikely...
Letters to a Dead Girl ✔️ by nightshadows13
Letters to a Dead Girl ✔️by lia
why would you write letters to a dead girl? to relieve the guilt of what you caused of course. • "i'm sorry for not protecting you." "i'm just like you n...
Confessions Of A Dead Girl by RayRayRachel2004
Confessions Of A Dead Girlby Rachel
"Be careful what you wish for" --- Lisa Bennett, a 16 years old girl moves into a new home with her family, oblivious to what had happened to the former reside...
To the Grave by slashszn
To the Graveby M
Arabella Pierce had, had enough of the failing relationship she had entered nearly four years ago. Her controlling partner however, hadn't. He'd do anything to make her...
Once You're Dead by mikkachase
Once You're Deadby M.D. Chase
If there's one thing I've learned in my short time at Gateway, it was that the dead are cold... and once you're dead, until they know who did it, you'll never be warm ag...
Checklist by v281934
Checklistby Violet J🌻
What is it like to see someone die? Vincent knows all too well. After seeing young Charlotte Crawley fall infront of a train his mind races with every thought of hers. W...
The Killler by MJ_012
The Killlerby MJ_012
When Jessica finds out her sister died she won't stop for anything until she figures out who did this to her.
Know No Bounds  by Ga_PalXO
Know No Bounds by Ga_PalXO
Riley- just a young body found hung from a tree found by Noah. Detective Nye is on the case but will the past stop her or will it help her solve the mistery of the dead...
Walking dead girl  by nbaeten
Walking dead girl by marvel_bumbass😚
This is about a girl who died a long time ago but she still walks the earth but not as a ghost as a live person nobody really knows what happened to her not even really...