Chapter 3- Hello Jane

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Hazel was horrified. She felt her heart beat through her ears and her fingers shake, which was something that happened often when she was scared. She felt a small tear roll down her cheek.

"Jane.." Mark started, "Did Hazel push you?"

"Mark! I'd never do th-"

"SHUT UP!" screamed Sherri again, "Did she or did she not push you Jane?"

The planchette stayed in its place for minutes and didn't make a move. Hazel could see that Sherri was getting frustrated.

"Maybe I'm supposed to look through it." She said holding it up to her left eye.

She looked around the room for what seemed like hours and finally stopped.

"Look! I see he-"


Sherri's back cracked showing her ribcage and her spine through her back. Tons of blood flowed and dripped out making Hazel gag at the sight.

The lights started flickering and Hazel was just getting more and more scared. While Mark just stood there dumbfounded.

"Mark! Please untie me! Please!" She screamed

Mark turned and looked at her. He then ran out of the room followed by the other two boys.

"MARK!" She screamed once again

The lights stayed flickering and Hazel frantically looked around trying her best to find a way to escape. But she stopped when she saw two red eyes looking at her through the closet. Then, the door creaked opened and the figure was walking towards her.

"J-Jane?" She asked nervously

The figure nodded it's head and took a step closer.

"Why did you kill Sherri?"

"No one yells at my friend." The figure said, its voice raspy.

"Why do I have nightmares about you?"

The door opened quickly and standing there was Mark his mouth forming an O shape.

"Jane?" He asked.

Jane cocked her head at him and walked towards him fast. She put her hand on his throat and held him up to the wall choking him.

"Stop! Jane!" Hazel screamed, trying her best to free herself from the chair.

Mark struggled but he didn't survive. Once he was dead Jane dropped him to the floor.

Hazel sobbed at the sight of two people dead on the floor. The metallic smell of blood was already enough to make her faint.


"Just tell the truth Hazel." The police officer said sternly.

"I already told you the truth!" She snapped, "They tied me to a chair and then they had a Oujia Board that they used to summon her. Then she came and killed Sherri and Mark."

"You see Hazel, I don't believe a single word that you're saying."

"I didn't say that you had to." She snapped again

After what happened Jane untied her and she was able to call the police. She told them what happened, but of course they didn't believe her. Now she was at the police station wrapped in a police blanket trying to convince the officers of what happened.

"I'm not going to ask you again Hazel, did you kill those two people?"

"NO I DIDN'T!" She screamed, everyone's attention averting to her. She wrapped the blanket around her more.

About an hour later, her mom came in her doctors uniform running towards her.

"Sweetie what happened?" She asked worridly cupping Hazel's face.


"If it's okay with you Ms. Tim, I'd like to talk to you about the situation." The police officer said

Her mom nodded her head and walked to the empty room to talk to him.

Hazel sat at the couch drinking the hot chocolate out of the mug that the police gave her. She set the mug down and walked towards the room eager to hear what they were talking about.

"Well," the officer started, "Your daughter gave us her story, but we don't believe it."

"Are you saying that you think my daughter killed those people?"

"It may be possible."

"With all due respect 'officer', you don't know shit! My daughter would never do something like this and if she said that she didn't kill those people I believe her." She said angrily before walking away

Hazel ran back to the couch and grabbed her mug.

"Let's go." Her mother said.

The drive was silent, and that was understandable since there was really nothing to say. Once they got to their house, Hazel ran up to her room without saying a word. No wonder Mark wanted her to go to that party. They planned to do that. And Hazel was dumb enough to believe that a nice party would take her mind off of things.

She took her shower and went back to her room and saw her.


"Leave me alone!" She screamed

Jane let out a shrill scream and the lights started flickering again. Hazel dropped to the floor and cried.

"Why is this happening!" She screamed.

Her mom opened the door and stared at Hazel.

"Honey what's going on?!"

"Mom she's here! She won't leave me alone!"

"Who's here?"


"Sweetie no one's in here."

"She was just here mom you have to believe me!" She cried

Her mom came over and and layed Hazel's head on her lap, stroking her chestnut hair.

"I believe you sweetie, I believe you..."

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