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One of Runts by CyberWolfWrites
One of Runtsby Amber N. Andrews
Evergreen "Ever" Raverik is a tracker and one of the runts in her pack. Always being looked down upon by her squadron, to which she is Second in Command of, s...
My Scared Little Omega by DGwerewolves
My Scared Little Omegaby D G
Hello everyone !! This is my second book and I hope u like this one . Feel free to comment and please do vote the chapters u like . Alena Jordan is the packs o...
He watched her sleep, from the corner of her bed. He protected her during the day, from all evils. Even when he was the greatest evil of all. -------- What would happen...
Back Into Your Arms by whitedandelions001
Back Into Your Armsby candy
[COMPLETED] #Ranks : #14 on 30/11/18 (category : Ex) #17 on 29/6/19 ( category : adultromance) #57 on 29/6/19 ( category: Suspense) Excerpt : "I can't believe they...
Him and I by TheBluePoet26
Him and Iby OceanEyes✨
You've surfaced upon the sweet scents and daunting tints of My blood dwelling life, expressed in the form of poetry. Bubbly and lighter from the outside but a misty shad...
Birdy Walker and the First Kiss Thief (Hopton Hills #0.5) by BEHaynes
Birdy Walker and the First Kiss Th...by B.E.Haynes
On the eve of her first ever High School party, Birdy Walker is finally ready to confess her feelings to long time crush Duke Donoghue. Three hours, two shots of Dutch c...
The Hybrid Queen [1] by lisaecheverry21
The Hybrid Queen [1]by Lisa
She, a newbie vampire with a past that even she doesn't know. He, a 115-year-old vampire-teacher with an interest in her. What could go wrong? She thought her life...
Trouble With The Billionaires (Bachelor In Love Series #1) by _musu__
Trouble With The Billionaires (Bac...by Muskaan
🌹Winner of Third Place in Chicklit Genre of The Second Ohana Awards.🌹 🌹Winner of Third Place In Chicklit Category of The Spring Awards 2018. 🌹 🌹Winner of Third Plac...
28 days in Christmas Town✔ by jasminestars
28 days in Christmas Town✔by Jasmine Haastrup
*Completed* Abigail "Abbie" Duke learnt to depend on only one person. Herself. Growing up to always being second choice to her older sister, Abbie watched her...
Learning to Love by zeugmatic
Learning to Loveby ✧ rysa ✧
❝Learning to love yourself is easier when you have someone to show you how.❞ Etienne Xia doesn't need a knight in shining armor; she needs a math tutor. She didn't expec...
gold & lilacs by VolcanicDaisy
gold & lilacsby Khushi Soni
Human nature is all about trying to fit into the normality of society despite its own simplicity and complications First place winner in THE SINNE AWARDS
When Alejandro Bale, an ill-tempered, over-pampered, dagger-tongued and angst-stricken rich boy transfers to Crescent High, he isn't expecting to meet this mess. There's...
YAGA | ✓ by makovea
YAGA | ✓by makovea
2018 • [ A CROOKED TALE, a phantom's whisper, watch it burn, feel it blister. ] • A forest. A hut on chicken's feet. A fence of blood and bone. Before she was Baba Yaga...
Family Demons by NessaMarie89
Family Demonsby Vanessa Moran
The village of Kirkby Norton has a dark history that residents like to ignore nowadays. A tuberculosis epidemic in 1946 made their ancestors believe it was the work of u...
POPULAR | ✓ by bellswaffles
POPULAR | ✓by 𝐁.
she was popular. he was new. he was her way out. ✧ second place in the Chaos Awards! ✧ Kendra Ross is popular. Everyone knows that, and she makes sure of it. She's your...
Art Of Love by The_kiddler
Art Of Loveby Ridhwan
love. let's talk about love. all kinds of love.
Everything is Blue | On Hold by CASPARITA
Everything is Blue | On Holdby a. maple
frustratingly slow and unpredictable updates Isabelle Holland leaves a tragic past behind, only to be greeted by an equally tragic new beginning. Everything she has ever...
UNEXPECTED  by NishaRinitta
UNEXPECTED by Nisha Rinitta
Rose is a college student whose life is really happy with her friends and her true love. everything is normal until one day when a series of unexpected murders take plac...
THE ART OF BURNING by astrologay
It all started with the end of the world. [Watty's shortlist 2018. Extended summary inside.]
Talent Awards 2018 by ProjectDivine
Talent Awards 2018by Project☆Divine
● OPEN [❌] ● CLOSED [✔] ● JUDGING [✔] #9 in Non Fiction [30.11.2018] NEW DEADLINE - THE 31ST OT MARCH! Welcome all to the talent awards. This is where all your talents...