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When Alejandro Bale, an ill-tempered, over-pampered, dagger-tongued and angst-stricken rich boy transfers to Crescent High, he isn't expecting to meet this mess. There's...
POPULAR | ✓ by bellswaffles
POPULAR | ✓by 𝐁.
she was popular. he was new. he was her way out. ✧ second place in the Chaos Awards! ✧ Kendra Ross is popular. Everyone knows that, and she makes sure of it. She's your...
Her Diamond Heart by _Black_Rose_0121
Her Diamond Heartby Black Rose
What do you do when someone breaks your heart? Cry? Eat ice cream and chocolate? I didn't. I created an empire, a multi-millionaire empire. I am the CEO of Estechi Ent...
gold & lilacs by VolcanicDaisy
gold & lilacsby Khushi Soni
Human nature is all about trying to fit into the normality of society despite its own simplicity and complications First place winner in THE SINNE AWARDS
28 days in Christmas Town✔ by jasminestars
28 days in Christmas Town✔by Jasmine Haastrup
*Completed* Abigail "Abbie" Duke learnt to depend on only one person. Herself. Growing up to always being second choice to her older sister, Abbie watched her...
Signing Off by SassyMarvelousGirl
Signing Offby Asteria
Life is short. Break the RULES.FORGIVE quickly, KISS slowly, LOVE truly, LAUGH uncontrollably, and never REGRET anything that made you SMILE. ...
The Devil's Key || A Brendon Urie Fanfiction by girl_from_6277
The Devil's Key || A Brendon Urie...by Saba H.
There is an old proverb says: "the fault of the best is the worst of all." That was the case for Brendon Urie, the dangerous art thief who, by a simple mistak...
Descent Into Madness by LigerCat
Descent Into Madnessby Michelle
Two teenage inventors find themselves in over their heads against deadly creatures that lurk in the shadows. Trapped in a laboratory haunted by its own past, they find t...
School And What We Do In It by Judyharris1414
School And What We Do In Itby Judy
"It is really funny and high key relatable." - GowriNandanag (Completed/editing) **** This book is about all the weird things teachers do and ask us to do. It...
Because You're Mine by itsshewhowrites
Because You're Mineby Yashvi Shah
Completed (11.12.17) --------------- It hurts, really, to not have a lasting happiness in your life. Something or someone is somehow jealous of you, or because you're s...
The Beauty of Pain by Summersprit
The Beauty of Painby 𝙎𝙪𝙢𝙢𝙚𝙧
"Nothing charming is ever lost, for pain causes beauty" This book is a collection of poems that follow one story line. Every poem is from a different point of...
honne || 本 音 by highjinic-
honne || 本 音by // potaeto //
h o n n e [ a poetry book ] *lower case and some extra space intended .
That Boy From the Bar by LeexShin
That Boy From the Barby 김하늘
A night in the bar that would turn their nights more interesting than their daily routines. | 2nd story under Porpowl Collection |
The Heart Of Martin by Tristian-Godswill
The Heart Of Martinby Tristian
Short story The man named Martin says; "The mind of a poet is always that which brings life to nature, words to humanity, meaning to earth, and soul to the univers...
Save Me by eypreeldee
Save Meby ey.preel
Love is the whole thing. We are only pieces. -Rumi
The Hybrid Queen [1] by _Black_Rose_0121
The Hybrid Queen [1]by Black Rose
She, a newbie vampire with a past that even she doesn't know. He, a 115-year-old vampire-teacher with an interest in her. What could go wrong? She thought her life...
M3RG3 by enchantedmagickoala1
M3RG3by Hayley
Born in an era of insanely advanced technology, Arista gets chosen to join the Merging Process invented 5 years ago that merges 2 people into one. However, the seemingly...
Saviors of Deflorna by LlewellynHoots
Saviors of Deflornaby Dragon_Hart220
Crystallin is corrupting the earth. Kingdoms fall, cities are only shells of what they were previously. Only one group of people are brave enough to stand up to her rule...