Chapter 6: The Darkness

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10 days

10 freaking days that Jane locked me in that house.

Every morning I'd pray to God that there would be someway to stop her and every night I'd cry myself to sleep praying that it was all a dream and that I'd be able to  wake up to my mother's beautiful face.

But it wasn't a dream, it was a nightmare. A nightmare that I'll never be able to wake up from. A nightmare that I'm beginning to think is real. Because it is, and no matter how I try I'll never wake up. Never.

And Jane enjoyed that. Every night when I would cry, I could hear her laughing, she enjoyed watching me suffer. Watching me break down. And be weak, because well, I was weak.

I missed the real Jane, the Jane who would pick me up in the pouring rain when my mom was late, the Jane who'd stick up for me when people bullied me. The Jane who I could talk about anything to. And now she was gone, this was not the Jane that I knew. Not at all. I'd do anything to have her back.

Every day I felt myself getting weaker and weaker. Probably from starvation, and if I wanted to survive then I'd have to find a way to get out of here.

"Jane?" I called for her. I already knew she was watching me, like she always was. She had gave me a deep big sratch that was across my leg when I tried to use my phone to call someone. She wouldn't let me go.

I saw her come from the closet and she looked at me with those big red eyes of hers. She walked slowly towards me and just stared at me.

"Why can't you let me go?" I said with my voice breaking

She didn't do or say anything, she just stood there and stared at me.

"WHY CAN'T YOU LET ME GO?" I screamed at her.

She grabbed my arm and twisted it hard making me cry in pain, and she smiled.

She fucking smiled.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" I screamed

She let go and walked away leaving me crying, and holding on to my bruised arm.


Jane finally let me go to school, although she still followed me. I isolated myself from the school, and the world. Maybe if I just stayed quiet I could survive through this.

It was already third period and I had
Ms. Genis for language arts. Once I walked through the classroom everyone's eyes were on me.

"Hazel.." Ms. Genis said walking towards me, "What happened, you didn't come to school for some time?"

I could feel Jane's cold hand hold my neck tight, basically saying if you tell I will kill you.

"There was an accident." I said

"What type of accident?" She asked, she grabbed my arm, the one that Jane bruised making me wince in pain.

"What's wrong?" She looked down at my arm and say the big bruise on it, she then looked at me worried, and I just ran to my seat and pulled my jacket sleeve down so no one else could see it.

During lunch, I sat at a table alone, although I wasn't alone, Jane was right there sitting next to me. I barely ate anything, I wasn't in the mood to eat.

A human being can go for a week without food, and through the ten days that I was trapped in there, my appearance started changing. I was getting skinnier and if I would've stayed there any longer I would've been all skin and bones. My lips were chap from dehydration, and my voice always broke every time I tried to talk from all the times I've been crying.

After lunch I went into the hallway to go to my locker when Ms. Genis came up to me.

"Hazel, the principal and I need to see you in the office."

I tried to think of all the bad things that I've done, but that was impossible since I've never disobeyed the school rules.

I followed her to the office and I saw Principal Carter sit at his desk.

"Hello Hazel, take a seat." He gestured for me to sit down, and I did.

He then examined my jacket. And he said, "Hazel why don't you take off the jacket?"

I could feel Jane's cold presence next to me and I knew that if I did take it off I'd be dead.

"I can't, or she'll hurt me."

"Who's she?" He asked sitting up.

My eyes watered and I started crying. Ms. Genis hugged me to comfort me but I wouldn't let her.

"Hazel it's okay we won't judge you. Just take it off."

"She's going to kill me if I do, she's watching us." I gasped

"Who is she? Hazel?"

"I... I can't tell you."

"Hazel.." Ms. Genis started, "Maybe if you show us we can help you."

I hesitated before taking of the jacket that showed both of my bruised arms, the colors purple and blue varied throughout all of my bruises and most of them still hurt.

Ms. Genis gasped. "Who is doing this to you Hazel?"

I stayed silent. I could still feel Jane by me.


"I can't tell you, or she's going to kill me and she'll kill you too! The reason I was gone was because she locked me in the house! She killed Mark and Sherri and my mom! Plus Mr. Pim!"

"Who is she Hazel!"

"JANE! It's Jane please help me!" I shouted while sobbing

"You mean, Jane Reed?"


"But she's dead Hazel."

"I knew you wouldn't believe me, no one does."

I walked out of the office and slowly walked down the hall when I tripped over something.

I got up and saw blood trailing down the hall, and it was coming from me I looked down at my legs that had huge gashes in them oozing out bright red blood.

And after that all I remembered was seeing Jane's horrific face.

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