Chapter 13- He's been Watching Us

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I was flabbergasted. This whole time Evan was the bad guy? And to think that I almost fell in love with him.

Hazel was still crying when I asked, "Then what about all those deaths?"

"When, when I was in that room with Sherri and Mark, Evan was one of the boys who tied me up, and when my mom died, it was because Evan cut off the brakes. And he hung Dr. Pim, he's also the one who trapped me in that house." She sobbed.

"I'm so sorry Hazel, I didn't know!" I started crying too.

"I wanted to get you out of the shed, but I couldn't." She wailed

"It's okay, but we have to get out of here." I say

She stops crying when the door knob twists.

The door opens to and we can see Evan walk in with a menacing smile.

"Hello ladies," He says smiling, and taking more steps closer to us.

Hazel starts to weep again.

She must really be scared.

I feel all of the anger boil up inside of me as he strokes my cheek with his hand.

He fucking touched me.

I spat on his hand and yelled, "DON'T TOUCH ME!'

He hit me in face. The pain flowed all through my cheek making me scream out in pain. Why was this happening? And why was it happening to us?

Pretty soon after, he left. And Hazel was still crying.

"Hazel, he's gone now." I say to her

She stops crying

"I'm so sorry Jane, he made me do it and I-"

"It's okay! Hazel. We just have to find a way out of here."

"There's no way out." She gasped between breaths.

"There's always a way out!" I scream trying my hardest to convince myself that we could get out, but slowly I lose hope.

But I get the perfect plan.

"Hazel don't you still have that switch blade?"


"Do you think you could get it out your pocket?" I asked her

"I'll try."

Seconds turn to minutes and Hazel is still trying to dig in her pockets when I hear her cheer.

"Yes! I got it!  What do I do now?"

"Try and pass it to me!"

She groans, she stretches her left arm as much as she can and when I see her arm on the side of mine, I grab the switch blade.

I put it against the rope and start sawing at it.

After a few minutes I hear the rope snap making Hazel pull her arms up fast. Both of our wrists have red lines on them.

She runs weakly over to the door and twists the knob.

"Shit!" She yells, "It's locked!"

"Isn't there a window or something>"

She nods her head and points up at a window that's about 20 feet above ground.

"If you want to break your neck, then yeah use that window." She replies sarcastically

I roll my eyes and grip the blade firmly in my hand.

"Maybe we should wait for Evan."

"What are you crazy?" She gasped

"When he comes in here the door will be open and we'll be able to stab him, then we can escape!"

"He has a dog. A bulldog, and we won't be able to get past it." She says

"How do you know all this stuff? It's like you've been here before-" I trail off

Before an other word can escape my mouth Hazel says, practically reading my mind, "Yes, he's trapped me in here before, several times."

"He's sick!"

"Jane! Keep your voice down!"

"NO! I will not keep my voice down! He is a fucking maniac who likes to kill people like it's a normal hobby or something! When we get out of here I swear to God I will fucking kill him!" I yell.

"Shut up!" She screams

She looks to the corner of her eye, signaling that there something by us.

I lift my head and look at the left corner of the ceiling to see a black camera.

"He's been watching us this whole time.." She cries, turning her head the other way, "I never knew that he had cameras in here."

I once again grip the blade in my hand, while staring at the camera. Never would I have thought that he'd be insane enough to put a camera in here.

The light suddenly shuts off showing only darkness.

"Jane!" I hear Hazel scream

"Where are you?" I shout.

"Jan-" I no longer hear her voice.

"Hazel? HAZEL!"  I cry

I hear her scream and I run through the blackness trying to navigate my way through it.

I her scream again and again, and again.

"Where are you?!"

I keep running when I fall in something.


My arms wave around rapidly trying to find their way upwards while I quickly lose breath. I can't swim. I was going to drown.

I scream. I scream and I scream some more.

But no one can hear me. No one can save me.

Even though it's already dark my vision goes darker until I can't see anything.

Then my life flashes before my eyes.

I remember when it was raining and Hazel and I danced in it getting ourselves wet and getting a cold the next day.

Although I'm unable to I smile at the thought.

At least I'll have a happy memory before I die.

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