Chapter 5: The Interrogation

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"We're doing everything we can Hazel, we will find you a new home." The female police officer said

Since her mother died, she was now an orphan, and since she wasn't 18 yet, she couldn't live on her own.

She couldn't care less if someone adopted her. She just wanted to stop Jane. To stop her from killing. To stop her from being crazy. She was setting up a plan, a plan that no one knew about, maybe she could use the Oujia Board to summon her back to the other side. But that seemed dumb, and so were the rules of the Oujia Board, the rules that Mark and Sherri both broke, and because of them, Hazel's life was now a living hell.

But Jane didn't stop there. About five days later the police told her that Mr. Pim was found dead in his bedroom.

Apparently he had 'hung himself' but Hazel knew exactly who it was.


She didn't really know what she'd do. But she had to find a way to stop her before Jane killed her too. Jane wouldn't stop at anything. At school Hazel could feel her folowing her all around the school.

And that went on for weeks, until her mom's funeral. Hazel put on her best black dress that her mom gave to her.

When she saw her coffin she burst out sobbing. Since they had no other family members it was just Hazel at the funeral. And it would have to be Hazel who payed for it.

But she didn't care, while she was talking to her mom's grave she couldn't help but notice that right next to her grave was her dad's.

Hazel never knew her father. Her mom just told her that he died before she was born. And the two most important people in her life were both dead, and she couldn't bare it.

She ran back to her old house, now empty because she doesn't live there anymore. Hazel digged in her pocket and took out a switch blade, switching it open.

"Come out Jane! I know you're here!" She screamed a tear rolling down her cheek.


The door slammed shut behind her and the lights cut off, making her scream. With her hands now shaking, Hazel still held the blade tight in her hand.

"This is all your fault! You killed the most important person in my life! I hate you! You are not my friend! You're evil!" She screamed while crying.

Hazel dropped to the floor and felt herself quickly losing breath. She turned around and saw Jane.

Her pale hand snatched the knife out of Hazels hands, then stabbed Hazel in the stomach with it

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Her pale hand snatched the knife out of Hazels hands, then stabbed Hazel in the stomach with it.

"HELP! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!" She screamed over and over again

Jane disappeared, the door opened, and the lights turned on. A woman maybe in her mid 40's bursted through the door.

"What happened? Are you alright?"

"She stabbed me!" She breathed rapidly, "Please help me!"

"Of course! Let me call 911-"

The lady's eyes turned pitch black and blood flowed out of her mouth making her drop to the floor. Hazel screamed as loud as she could. She searched through her pocket and found her phone, and quickly dialed 911.

A few minutes later she heard the sirens of the ambulance approaching her.

Two men, followed by a woman, came in and looked at the scene. They stared at Hazel with wide eyes, and saw that she had a knife in her hand while a lady was dead on the floor, then Hazel looked at her stomach.


No stab marks, no sratches, no blood.

The lady took out her gun and immediately pointed it at Hazel.

"Put your hands behind your back! You're under arrest for murder!" She hollered

"No I didn't do it! Please believe me! She's here and she's going to kill me!" She screamed

But then Hazel realized, if she was in jail maybe she'd be able to leave far away from Jane. And that was all Hazel could want.

"You know what? Yep I totally killed her! Now you can send me to jail now!" She yelled.

"What's her problem?" The male officer whispered to the other male officer

The officer then took out his hand cuffs and when he did, he dropped down to the floor holding his throat.

"Nate?" The female officer screamed, "He's choking! Someone help him!"

But they were too late. Nate coughed up blood, followed by the two other officers, until they were all dead leaving Hazel alone.

The door slammed shut again and this time she was really trapped in the darkness.

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