| Things He Does To Annoy You |

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🔥 N A T S U 🔥
- Yo don't even lie as much as you love him, everything he does annoys you

❄️ G R A Y ❄️
- This bich THIS BICH
- Don't even lie his stripping habits, you hate them- like you don't hate them until all those girls stay
- it's cute but seriously Gray's rivalry with Natsu needs to chill
- He pokes your nose when your angry

💙 J E L L A L 💙
- You thought-
- He doesn't try to annoy you but sometimes when he says his not good enough for you
- you cry

🦁 L O K E 🦁
- oOooOoooOo when he flirts
- or does PDA too much in public
- Or when someone flirts with you and he full on fist fights them like wot

⚡️ L A X U S ⚡️
- says he don't deserve you
- won't kiss you or hold your hand in public
- SmH like they know you go out but he doesn't even

🔧 G A J E E L 🔧
- SMH this guy
- Like he loves you and all but
- The teasing and ignorance
- SMH like why won't he kiss you?

🌟 S T I N G 🌟
- When he lies about his dragon
- Sometimes when his wit Natsu
- His too reckless

🌑 R O G U E 🌑
- His afraid for his future
- he don't wanna hurt you
- His too shy
- That's all cause it's rogue and his precious

🌨 L Y O N 🌨
- Gray
- When he gets a little too clingy
- Once again Gray
- Probably Gray again
- Maybe when he tries to show off too hard

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