| Cobra Catch Up 4 |

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🐍 Cobra 🐍


31. Love Rivals

- he thinks Natsu likes you sometimes but tbh if anyone's a love rival it's probably Midnight

32. nicknames he loves

- Babe tbh but his not gonna admit it

33. Nicknames he hates

- Cobie and Cobes- it sounds like another name and confuses so many people

34. Your Birthday

- you didn't want a birthday so he make cupcakes, brought movies and food and spent the whole day with you just hanging out

35. How They Greet You First Thing In The Morning

- texts you 'goodmorning! I hope you have a good day 💕'
- or kisses your nose tbh

36. How They Say GoodnIghT

- 'sleep well, I love you, remember that. Your pretty lucky'

37. What type of Magic you have

- celestial or Solid script

38. What Guild Your In

- you were in Fairy Tail but your currently under no name (FT's symbol is still on you because your still there just- inactive)

39. Cooking With Them

- I swear-
- follows the recipe precisely and makes an amazing cake, when it's done he sprinkles flour in your hair and says your too cute
- like wot you usually don't be cute but wot

40. First Date

- he took you on a walk at night along a beach and made a little picnics (boi sure does like picnics)

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