| Cobra Catch Up Part 2 |

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🐍 Cobra 🐍


11. Dating them would include

- lowkey awkward moments
- you both literally having eachothers hearts in your hands
- emotional support 101
- following his dreams with him because he lowkey is yours WhOoPs
- more hugging than kissing and usually in private lolol

12. Anime you watch together

- literally anything you want
- you've watched UtaPri together and he was fanning Ranmaru from the moment his contacted eyes graced the screen #QuartetNightStans

13. When Your Someone's sister

- Erza's sister
- is always scared tbh
- Erza likes him though and will only fight him if he opposes her cause she loves youuuu and he does too
- sometimes they get together and just talk about you l o l

14. When your sick

- knows he shouldn't risk getting sick
- but risks it and looks after you the whole times

15. Games You Play Together

- Fire Emblem- see who can beat the game with the most units and the fastest on three star classic
- and then you battle eachother and trade stuff to help each other lol

16. New Years

- sneaks off during a mission to see you
- kisses you when the fireworks go off in town
- prepares a picnic on a hill with the best foods

17. Christmas

- buys you one thing and brings it to you after a mission
- takes you out to eat or somewhere the day before

18. Valentines Day

- he didn't know it existed until you gave him stuff and he felt bad
- you are slowly gaining a custom plushie collection of all your favourite mages (the first ones you got were you and cobra and it's so effing cute)

19. Their Favourite Things About You

- everything
- literally everything
- you breathe and Cobra swoons lmfao

20. Halloween

- you dress up as other Mage couples
- you dressed up as Lucy and Natsu when they weren't together and they saw you kiss and they both flushed red and ran off oops?

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