| Cobra Catch Up Part 3 |

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🐍 Cobra 🐍


21. Contact Names

Yours; (Y/N)ie 💕
His; Snake boy 🐍 ❤️

22. You steal his clothes

- you stole his robe cape thingo to make fun of him, ran around yelling "in batman!" For hours until you got tired and fell asleep wearing it, he found it adorable

23. How You Met

- you were kids, when you escaped with Erza you ended up getting lost, he saved you

24. Classes you have with them

- English, Maths, Science, Buisness

25. School With Them

- he kisses you in spite of the teachers
- always at lunch together
- sneaks in his pet snakes that you love and Love you
- stUdy dAtEs

26. What he does to imitate you

- steals your clothes, puts them on
- even though they don't fit him
- it hurts him a lot tbh he always regrets it

27. What you do to imitate him

- make bad snake noises and act all bada*s lmfao

28. Your Best Friend

- Cana Alberona

29. Favourite Holiday

- His Birthday

30. Favourite TV Shows

- Pokemon
- so childish it's your reality release

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