| What Type Of Magic You Have |

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🔥 N A T S U 🔥
- Water, it's how you always beat him, and the opposites mean better chances of  winning in battles :)

❄️ G R A Y ❄️
- Water, You matched so well and fight together

💙 J E L L A L 💙
- Your a Holder type, using cards like Cana with speed and precision, sometimes you need a little help in massive battles

🦁 L O K E 🦁
- Either another celestial being or a heavenly body Mage.

⚡️ L A X U S ⚡️
- Speed, he gets shocked when you begin to run, and is amazed at how you can beat anyone in a race or use your skill in hand to hand

🔧 G A J E E L 🔧
- Iron Dragonslayer magic, you help eachother out in battle- well if you both really need it and the other can't disagree. Still you help eachother out

🌟 S T I N G 🌟
- Ice, you make things for him all the time and sometimes make ice rinks and chill out :3

🌑 R O G U E 🌑
- Solid script, he likes how you live to read and write, how you weave your words is the most amazing thing to him

🌨 L Y O N 🌧
- Fire, he doesn't know why but he loves it and you

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