| Cobra Catch Up Part 1 |

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🐍 Cobra 🐍

Part 1 : 1-10

1.How they hug you

- He usually hugs you on the side but if something's happens or one of you aren't feeling the best he'll hug you front on, to let you know his there for you always.

2. Your nicknames for them

- Cobes
- Poison boy
- *cough* softy
- weirdo
- but you usually call him by his real name or Cobra because they make you feel awkwardddd

3. Their Nicknames for you

- y/n/n
- y/n
- love (rarely cause his an anxious boi)

4. Where they kiss you

- On the cheek usually, sometimes on the lips tbh

5. What they do to annoy you

- being awkward even though he loves you
- being on the bad side even though you don't blame him
- poking out his tongue when he wins a fight (then he notices that he poisoned you and freaks tf out)

6. Things you do to annoy him

- kissing his nose (especially in front of his friends lol)
- ruining his badass facade to make him love you
- being the most amazing person his ever met

7. How jealous he is

- 2/10
- he trusts you a lot but when someone is able to beat him and they're on the good side- then he worried
- acts colder
- cracks after a while and feels bad

8. PDA levels

- 05%
- hand holds, side hugs, cheek kisses (in private usually)

9. Someone makes you cry

- actually risks his life if it was done on purpose
- acts gentlemanly if it was an accident yet gets them to apologise and make you feel better

10. Who their jealous of

- Natsu, 100%
- the badass good guy always gets him nervous, his the only person Cobra believes could take you from him as you share similar views tbh

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