| Games You Play Together |

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🔥 N A T S U 🔥
- Animal Crossing
- it's your dedicated calm time
- but your towns better than his
- you visit each other's towns
- and make eachothersothes

❄️ G R A Y ❄️
- Call Of Duty
- Mainly Team V Team
- you CPU teams so it's 1V1
- or sometimes you two go online to work together
- playful teasing
- lots o laughs

💙 J E L L A L 💙
- Legend Of Zelda
- you make him play it because he helps you when you get stuck
- You don't get stuck often but when you do, you DO
- He always helps you
- and then you kiss him
- then again you do fake being stuck for the excuse

🦁 L O K E 🦁
- Splatoon
- he sucks at it
- you always go online with him
- When your against him you always win
- "NOOOOB!" "Whatever"
- He kisses you whenever you win

⚡️ L A X U S ⚡️
- Enslaved
- Because it's a good game
- one time you made him dress up with you
- Your B O S S at this game
- his mediocre at best ;)

🔧 G A J E E L 🔧
- Cluedo
- with Levy tooo
- it's fun until Gajeel gets bored
- his broke 8 different sets already

🌟 S T I N G 🌟
- neither of you know what's happening
- a lot of screaming
- Rogue has to shut off the console
- it's a crap game anyways

🌑 R O G U E 🌑
- Pokemon
- gOTTa CatCHem aLL
- IsSs YOu N Me
- you could probably sing the whole opening but let's concentrate
- You both work together
- you caught em all
- your next goal is to get all da shinies

🌨 L Y O N 🌨
- Literally snap
- I'm not even joking
- It's actually lame
- "can't we play like- Go Fish at least?-"

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