| Cobra Catch Up 5 |

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41. Pick Up Lines

- are you food? because my senses draw me to you

42.When you became official official

- a bit before the time of the 7 year skip

43. Singing

- he swoons over it
- not even for your voice but for the enjoyment you get out of it like a w

44. Weekends with them

- food
- tonnes of food, and a few easy missions

45. What Couple You Are

- the secretly adorable couple

46. First Kiss

- he knew exactly what he was doing
- it was gReAt mAn

47. When someone else flirts with you

- silently glares at them
- shOoK when you politely decline their advances

48. Easter

- joins a team egg finding hunt you two vs teams of like ten
- finds every single egg

49. Training with them

- goes full out until your hurt and lowkey babies you lmfao
- you'd beat him if he didn't anyways ;)
(Idk maybe I'd like to hope)

50. When someone else flirts with them

- silently snickering as he always says the same thing
- "I don't appreciate your advances of me, my girlfriend right here is a rose in comparison to your thorn"
- "no your not" you emotionally support them #GiRL pOWEr

51. Checking their phones

- you were forced too
- only photos are with or of you
- have his friends, Erzas and your number And texts Erza a lot to fangirl about you lmfao

52. picnic dates

- his favourite type of date
- brings everything you both love in rotation so you never get bored of it

53. What they do to get your attention

- pokes you softly or whispers your name (apparently v effective)

54. When you have to dance together

- his a terrible dancer and let's you l e a d rip dignity

55. How they react to pet names

- freking triggered mAn
- secretly loves some of them

56. What got their attention

- your eyes, the windows to your SoUl

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