| Zeref Catch Up 2 |

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11. Dating Them Would Include

- Honestly a fair bit of crying
- hugging whenever possible
- looking for ways to stop his power
- making sure his happy and hopeful

12. Anime you watch together

- his down for anything you want
- but you want to cheer him up so it's always meaningful or cute anime

13. When Your Someone's Sister

- Wendy's
- You look after him with the instincts you get from looking after your younger sister
- she loves him and you being together
- biggest supporter tbh

14. when your sick

- he calls up Mavis
- Stays close whenever he can and always checks in
- kisses you and buys stuff to comfort you

15. Games you play together

- Card games
- he doesn't understand video games quite yet so your preparing him with card games

16. New Years

- organises private fire works
- makes a picnic
- hugs you really tight under the fireworks
- spends as much time as possible holding your hand

17. Christmas

- buys as much as he can
- and all symbolic and pretty presents
- as well as everything on your list when you told him to get one thing at the most
- he has an outburst but flings a paper airplane to apologise

18. Valentines

- flowers that show how much effort he puts into showing his love as they make it to you alive and beautiful
- buys a teddy for you to hug because he can't
- kisses you

19. Their favourite things about you

- literally everything
- your smile
- how your always there and understand his situation
- your eyes, hair, smile, laugh

20. Halloween
- nah not really
- you dressed up with Mavis and met him on accident and she was SHooK when you interacted
- she wished you luck with the boi

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