| What They Do To Get Your Attention |

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🔥 N A T S U 🔥
- Poke, poke, poke
- (y/nnnnnnnn)
- uses his fire like a lil meanie
- probably sets your clothes on fire tbh

❄️ G R A Y ❄️
- puts his hand on your arm
- makes it colder and colder until you yelp
- you probably give him silent treatment until he gives you food

💙 J E L L A L 💙
- "(Y/N) hey hi hellooooo?"
- shakes your hands around and probably tells you a story about the fairy tail members he knows of
- "and then Natsu went pew pew pew!"
- you laugh every time
- all light hearted stories tho

🦁 L O K E 🦁
- You were probably giving him silent treatment for his obsessive flirting
- he would stop, look to you and whine
- "hottieeeeeeeeeeeeeee"
- "ew it's Loke"
- 99% of the time doesn't get your attention

⚡️ L A X U S ⚡️
- S h o c k
- "shoot did I put a little too many volts in the time?"
- "y e s"
- probably has to apologise with food tbh

🔧 G A J E E L 🔧
- Literally silent
- and you notice it after a short while
- "What's up Gajeel?"
- "you forgot to turn off your oven"

🌟 S T I N G 🌟
- also a poker
- pokes your cheeks and stretches them gently
- "Stinggggg stop ittttttt!"
- "sorry sorry sorryyyy I just wanted to ask you something!"

🌑 R O G U E 🌑
- Intense hand holding just like such soft hand holds and then he squeezes in like a pattern
- "Sorry Rogue you wanted something?"
- nods and answers

🌨 L Y O N 🌨
- repeatedly repeats your name
- like over and over until your ears hurt
- "be quietttttt!!"
- continues
- "fine what do you want?"

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