| When You Have To Dance Together |

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🔥 N A T S U 🔥
- trip over your feet
- or steps on them
- his actuallly a horrible dancer
- your 100% teaching him to dance cause it h u r t S

❄️ G R A Y ❄️
- "maybe I don't want to"
- "you have to"
- so hesitant hecc
- but his graceful when he gets into it
- whOops

💙 J E L L A L 💙
- so soft tbh
- "tell me if I hurt you I'm not good at dancing"
- if someone says his not good your ready to fight
- his actually angelic

🦁 L O K E 🦁
- he skips to various partners but always ends up back with you
- probably complains about the other girls tbh
- "and she kept stepping on me!"
- you probably dance worse than them but he loves you

⚡️ L A X U S ⚡️
- you see invisible lightning when he dances
- lmfao no that's real lightning
- youch, but his not toooo bad

🔧 G A J E E L 🔧
- he so wasn't dancing
- but you dragged him to a supplies closet (how did he fit? I have NO idea)
- and you danced there for a short time it was sweeet

🌟 S T I N G 🌟
- leads like a gentleman cause his like the best dancer there and he had like n o practice
- "(y/n). Can you step left next time please it hurts."
- he winces when you step on him but so polite

🌑 R O G U E 🌑
- you can so dance
- leading him as his all mysterious and broody and everyone's like watching
- shipping you
- "thanks, it was fun!"

🌨 L Y O N 🌨
- o h g o d S
- accidentally steps on you once and regrets life choices
- but his like a ballerina so soft
- "iM SO SORRY (y/n)"
- tears of regret.

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