| Zeref Catch Up 1 |

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🍃 Zeref 🍃


1. how they hug you

-His too scared to hug you because he thinks it'll only hurt you but he holds your hand as often as he can

2. Your nicknames for then

- Shadow bunny
- Cosmos (chocolate cosmos are black flowers)
- supernova
- Zer

3. His nicknames for you

- Sun bunny
- sunflower
- star dust
- (first three letters in your name)

4. Where they kiss you

- Usually your cheek
- but if you sleep with him he'll kiss you on the nose/forhead

5. Things he does to annoy you

- honestly if he every annoys you it's just cause his scared he'll hurt you

6. Things you do to annoy him

- poking his cheek
- going close to him when his scared he'll hurt you
- kissing his cheek when his embarrassed

7. How jealous he is

- 0%
- his more scared of what he can do to you than others taking you from him
- he just wants you to be safe and happy


- 30%
- only cute PDA tbh
- and not too often
- mainly hand holding

9. Someone makes you cry

- he doesn't want to hurt anyone
- but he makes them apologise to you until you believe they mean it
- and hugs you
- h u Gs

10. Who they're jealous of

- everyone but no one
- his jealous he can't be normal
- but that's his only jealousy

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