Chapter Six

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In this decision, I set the ship to cloak. After I come across something a little too quickly. People with dog noses and masks pop out of the tall grass covering the plains. All I could do was hold my arms up, of course I can attack them. Without a space weapon I can only get so far with martial arts against a force that has me surrounded and spears pointed at me. One speaks up, I can't really tell who's the leader out of them all. They all seem to be wearing the same shirtless tribal dressing only with different colors. Others register what the one said and kept formation as the group walked me into a forest like area. Now that I think about it, this is the first time in nineteen years I've seen green. The forest continues to grow dark as I am escorted into an opening. What came next was a beauty, a village filled with huts made of mud. This place shows the planet may have developed a culture of dog like humanoids. I am walked over to what seems like a cylinder cage and demanded to walk in. I abide by the order and turn to watch them close the door. "Hey, uh I didn't do anything." I say. To them this is the first thing I've said to them, the group that escorted me panic and go running. I sigh and wait in the cage by sitting down and thinking to myself. There is a lot to explore here, culture, geography and most importantly history. What gave birth to human, dog, hybrids. They want to know is driving me crazy, I fall on my back think on the thought. Earth government doesn't reach this far to release proper experiments out here. The people that group used a language, but all I got was barks that sounded like different versions of a bark sound in several languages. Laying on my back, these thoughts put me to sleep as time passes. I wake up some time after to find it's afternoon, weird that a nap didn't lead me to night instead, I can probably blame it on the planet's rotation. I get up off my back to stand, as I do I hear barks outside. A dogman in grey hair walks in with a black haired dog woman. This would be a perfect time to call her a bitch, in an appropriate reason. "Hey, where am I, on this continent exactly?" I ask. The dogman tilts his head and the bitch whispers in his ear. He barks back at her, "You are in the dog village, a town northwest of the kingdoms." she explains to me. The answer only confuses me and adds more questions, I should have known before asking something. I decide to sit down, "Okay, I'm sure you have questions for me." I say gently. The dog woman bends back down to talk to the man. "Who are you and your intents!?" she conveys to me. "I am Boom Zepher! I come from the stars, seeing as though you haven't learned to travel them, that's all you need in terms as introduction. Though, my intentions are to look around this world and examine its people!" I say in an exited to tone. The dog woman conveys my yell to the man, at this point I believe he's the patriarch of the village. I point at him, "My turn, who is this man.?" I ask. "This is the eldest and wisest dog here, Sir Odif." she tells me. Odif gestures to her, she bend back down, I think I interrupted her interpreting to Odif. I wait patiently for her to finish, this woman may be the only one who can speak english in this village. If english exists on this planet, then it should be easy to find my way around here. I sigh and reach inside my shirt. Odif reacts and pulls back barking, two guard come and hold spears at me from outside the cage. I put up left hand in a surrendering position, while I grab my minibox I took with me and set aside in my shirt. I pull it out and activate it in front of me. It turns into a bigger box with the height of my knees to my legs. I dig in it and pull out a translator device from out of the box. They give it to everyone when I was younger and knowing the situation would come up, I had to bring it. It works like a collar as I attach it to my neck and take the plug from the collar and put it in my ear. "Sir Odif, I'd like to say I come bearing no harm unless threatened." I explain to Odif, as I shrink the box back to it's small cube form. He's surprised when he hears my clear speech as I put the box back in my shirt. "Guard put away the spears, I must speak to this short nose." he commands. The guards back off and leave. "I didn't think we'd meet such a kind human, traveler Zepher." he says gesturing for me to come out of the cage. I stand up and walk to the cage door, "Just Zepher is fine sir, I wish to understand this place being I am far from home, I wish to get to know my new temporary one." I explain to Odif. He pulls hair and scratches at his dog nose, "perhaps you may learn of this world and it's people. For now." he adds. "Is there are a bias I should worry about sir?" I ask him leaving the cage. "We are at odds against people of your race." he tells me. "Of course , my people have been known for overconfidence and elitism, it's one of the things that caused war on my home planet." I say looking out to the village. I spot the huts one by one to see they look different, each one, they're no greeks or romans. "Come with me, Bailey come with us as well." he commands. "Her name is Bailey? I was on the verge of continuing to call her bitch." I say follow Odif as he leaves. Bailey pulls on my ear as we walk, "Ow!". "Short nose, I am no simple female, being the only one to learn other languages are a challenge for my people." she says letting go of my ear. I rub on my ear, and look out to see different people running around, children, playing, women, doing home duties, and some men running into the village bring the women things. Oh my god, this culture is really back in the cavemen, the only thing more current with them is their speaking skills. Being like cavemen I guess their dog like senses kept them from evolving and advancing into more humanoid like people. I'm walked around this little lake in the middle of the town, so I guess the village is only as big as the building surrounding this lake. With each section of the village being like two stories above the lake and the only opening is the one I came into.I look at the people I pass, Mothers and children . Nice ladies with clothes similar to the 21st century, though the children run around naked, luckily enough their fur covers them. At best, I can believe the people's sexual feature mature and show more through their fur, requiring clothes later on. Though I'm not absolutely sure with the men running in different forms of jeans and overalls. A dog woman with a nice rack catches my eye sight, all I do is stare as I pass her. I think she growls at me, causing me to recoil and walk closer to Odif. Soon we arrive at a house of stone during the night. Odif takes the first step in letting me in by opening its door. I follow him in and walk up some stairs, Odif stops in front of the entrance and points at the numerous books and charts just sitting at a table. "Our people believe catching a man running away from this house when we first arrived, surely you can make use of these charts." he explains. I bow my head to Odif and walks over to the desk with charts on it and begin with the closest chart. I hear Odif leave, and Bailey walks closer to look at them with me. Well if she's gonna be here she can look at them with me, I hand her a chart with the shape of the village's forest opening to here. I find a map that shows the same shape of the continent as it looks outside the planet. I quickly take the map I gave Bailey and compare its location to the one on the map. The map only separates its countries by territories, but the village's territory does appear on the map. As I heard earlier, the villages location is northeast of the entire world and other kingdoms. Now I have to figure out what I'm gonna do with this information, and find out what I plan on doing here. "Bailey, who is the strongest race on this continent?" I ask of Bailey. "The humans, short nose." she tells me. "I see, I'll be paying them a visit to get further understanding of this world." I tell her. "You can't leave just yet!? We won't let you leave so easily." she explains. "I'm guessing there's a reason for this, and if it's a petty reason like you can't trust me, then I'll be leaving immediately." I say with anger in my voice. "If you leave,then you may come back with an army and a potential threat to us." she explains. She causes me to sigh, get and throw my chair down. I turn to her, "It's this type of lack in trust and honesty, that ate away at me in my old life! Tell your chief, elder or whatever, that I'm leaving tomorrow!" I yell at her leaving the room and the building. I end up leaving the building in a rage and look out to the little lake, it's small, I wonder if it's shallow too. I dip my hand in the water and feel down as far as I could go, no it's not shallow. I take my hand out and sit down in front of it, I sit with my legs crossed. I think to myself and rest. I feel the light from the moon on my body and decide to look up and out to the moon. I instead find two moons, one in a crescent shape and the other in its full state. "What beautiful moons." I say to myself. It's this kind of moments in movies and shows that someone would show up, telling me to look back. I see Bailey close to the building, watching me. Without an expression on her blonde looking furred face, she walked over to me. I look back at the moons and enjoy the night, with its breeze and quiet time. Bailey finally sits next to me, but not so close I could touch her. Now that I think about it, if I wanted to touch her, I'd rather get to know her. I guess that's the type of girl she is to me. I look over to her again, only to see what she's wearing. She obviously went for the tribal look with what she's wearing, being a bra, with tribal colors with no cover except the little jacket covering her shoulders. Other than that she has been wearing purple sweatpants, with a gold and white necklace. She catches me looking her up, and covers herself. I move my sight back to the two moons, "Don't you have a house to be at by now?" I ask. "Shut up, I will continue to watch you." she tells me fixing a sudden angry look. I lay back in the grass surrounding the lake, "Do as you please." I say. There are stars that can be seen from here, I've had enough of space today though. I close my eyes and rest.

(I've been thinking on how I can explain the setting to people, but the layout is difficult. And I'm trying to set a culture here, Bailey's a part of the difficult in setting the culture.)

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