Chapter Seven

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I notice I'm awake, but I don't feel the familiar feeling of a bed on my back. I feel on the ground, and it's dirt. I hear laughter of children and a little furry ball rolled over my stomach. I decided to find out what's going on and I open my eyes to a very sunny day. The light almost blinding me, I sit up, and cover my eyes. I try to look around and catch a glimpse of little puppy children and just like in my old life, I will continue to call dogs that small, puppers. "You've woken up short nose?" Bailey asks me, pointing her out, she could have startled me if I hadn't noticed her when I woke. She was next to me sitting at the river still. "I've already told you my name, it's Boom if you've forgotten." I tell her. "Even if I know your name, I'm not gonna call you it." She tells me rudely. "Fine, then I can continue to call you bitch." I reply. "Stating what I am is not an insult, short nose." she continues. "Same is calling me what you see,bitch." I continue. I hope to get over this, before I put on the device to allow me to speak to her, she was able to speak english. With knowledge like that, I could use it to learn about their language. I stare at her, making it an awkward moment. I guess she feels the need to cover herself, as she moves her left arm to cover her body. "W-what?" she asks. "What's the story behind your outfit, you're one of the few people dressed in tribe clothes and everyone else wears clothes that are more, should I say older era?" I ask. Uncovering herself, "Me and some others here prefer wearing these clothes and it makes it easy to find out who has a job in the village. What do you mean old era, those clothes the villagers wear are new, where are you from?" she explains and asks me. "No need to hide it, I believe you can call me an alien, even though my race is similar to yours." I explain. She just looks at me in confusion, "An alien, you look like the people in the middle territories that hurt our people and enslave those who come too close." she tells me. "So you tell me there are humans here?" I ask. "If humans refer to you short noses then yes." she adds. I think on this, there is a territory filled with people like me here. If what I think this place is like is true, then the human may be trouble. Back in the 21st century equality wasn't exactly achieved and what if this is really an old eastern like place. Humanity was cruel back then, "I wanna see these people then." I say looking in the lake. "Are you sure? they may kill you, they don't discriminate against their own." she asks me. "I'm fine, now I'm going to go talk to your elder." I say, before standing up. "I will take you to him if you're so determined." she says. She begins walking over to a big house in front of the lake, I decide to follow. I get into the building to visit elder Odif, instead I encounter him and two others. Though they do look equal in age, can I think of them as a council? Though Odif was the only one among them who was with me and the people, are they against leaving this building? "Excuse the interruption so early in the morning, I'd like to make a request." I say. "You are excused, what is this request you ask for Boom?" Odif says after sipping from a cup. "You can't be acknowledging this outsider!" a woman on the left yells. "I want to learn more about your culture here, is it alright if I stay for a time to learn more?" I ask in a declaring tone. "I've heard your first night here has been insightful, why continue to stay here?" the other woman asks. "As I've said ma'am, I want to study your culture." I tell her. "I think it's a great idea." Odif says. "I agree, but you will be watched, is that fine, nichterg?" the woman on the right asks. "No! This boy should still be in a cage!" Nichterg says. "I'm 19, I'm no boy. I'm an inventor from the stars." I say, I forgot to count my age from my past life. I scratch at my head, "I'll take what I can get, old man Odif, Nichterg and ma'am thank you." I say. "It's Ssecnirp, this isn't freedom, but as long as you're not a threat to this village, you'll be fine." the lady on the right explains. "Learning about us would take at least a couple of days are you sure? Especially with my people looking at you the way they do." Odif asks. "I'll be fine, I've got bitch here." I say pointing at Bailey. "I have a name." she replies, "When you say mine." I reply. I leave the building and attempt to make a map out of the places here, all I can assume is that the village revolves around this little lake.

(If someone is curious about these names, spell them backwards and that's their real names. they're dogs after all. Also I don't really like dishonesty so I guess I like thinking I'm 38 if this story ever happens, I'm 19 now and in this world I've grown to age 19, I'm 38 baby!)

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