Chapter Fifthteen

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The next morning, I awake to a voice. It's hazy and can barely be heard, I choose to ignore it as I notice my tool piles organized. I then look up and remember what happened last night, I grab my insta-shower device and change clothes. I look and notice the box is open, "huh, you were closed last night." I say climbing a pile to get out. Climbing up the tallest pile, I reach up to light shining into the box. Extending my reach as far as I could, my hand lands on the outside of the box. I pull myself up and out of the box, onto a dirt floor. Oh, so we did leave the desert, she was fast. I remember there being sand for miles before I got in the box, I take a second to understand my surroundings. I'm in a city like area annnnd being held at spear point by some tanned guards, "How can I help you guys today?" I ask in a joking manner. "You can start by helping your friend explain what's going on here." a tallish man says walking through the guys holding me at spearpoint. I finally notice their armour, it's blue and white. Though unlike those of typical old knights, they look like cards from Alice in Wonderland. Though it's just their armour, not themselves. "Your friend said you were human, but I see your ears and... missing tail." he tells me. "You mean nonexistent, I'm half human still. I accidently stumbled across the hunter race a week before the full moon. Things got violent, not for me, but for them. They bit me and now I'm half hunter." I explain. "You realize what you're telling me makes no sense right?" he asks me hesitatingly. "You realize that you got the answer to your first inquiry right? I'm still technically a human representative of the hunters." I tell him with a sadistic smile. "Right, I need to take you to the king." he tells me. "Sure." I agree, quickly shrinking my box. As the box shrinks, the people holding me at spearpoint, I've surmised to be guards, are jumping at the sight of it. Not breaking formation though, "hurry up! That better not be a weapon." the tall one says in a worried voice. Picking up the box and putting it in my new shirt pocket, "This? No." I say nonchalantly. I begin my walk with the tall guard, "hey, so where is my friend?" I ask the guy. "You'll be with her soon, she's being interrogated." he tells me. "Why soon and not now?" I ask, "The king wants to talk to you." he responds. I'm guessing he thinks my fate will end up quickly with Bailey, I'll play along. We proceed to a castle town, further into a castle villa. How big is this place anyway, I'm finally brought to a big two door room. "Wait here." he tells me, guards around me shackle my wrists. They had me at spearpoint the whole time, why just now shackle me. He enters the room, I decide it's the throne room. Ah, I get it. They didn't want to leave me unsupervised, I hear what sounds like a discussion inside. "Come!" I hear from inside, I guess I'm being brought in. I walk through the doors, escorted by the guards. "Lower your spears!" I hear from a commanding voice, I look towards what sounds like their king. He is a particularly average guy, white, blond, blue eyes....Nazi? I'm getting off track, his throne is made of gold, so the narcissist type, huh? Again, off track, "So you are the proclaimed human hunter representative?" their king asks me. "Correct," I reply, "Bring his friend here." he orders the tall guard. "Right!" he says rushing off out of the room, "They say you jumped out of a box as some of my guards awaited your arrival." he tells me. "Awaited?" I say thinking, Bailey might have told them that their representative was inside a box using magic. I remember that hunters and humans aren't on good terms, so them being in the city could cause for a stir. Though my box trick could also make things worse, I might have screwed up before it began. "Yes, I was being transported through a form of magic I have studied." I tell him. This isn't a lie, inventing compared to how magic study works isn't too different. "Okay, then show me this school you study." he commands, ugh, I hate follow such an annoying kind of commander's orders. Of course I want to live, so I take out the box and flick it across the room so it's in front of the king as it enlarges. "Essentially, my study is that of space and objects, but I've dabbled in others." I explain walking towards the king. As I get closer, I notice the guards are on edge, so I hold my hands up to where they can see them. I hoped that would calm them, but the king intervened holding his hand up to command them to stop. I think I have him entertained, I dig in my box for something quick that I hope will fill his excitement. I hope that the people here speak english, I take off the translator I've been keeping on my neck for days. I drop it in the box, "You see the box can store infinite items, and I can regain them as well." I explain as I dig for something. As I dig, I hear the door to the room screech open. I look back to see Bailey in the grip of the tall guard's hands, they changed her clothes to rags. With the angle, I believe the king see my missing eye socket. "So...sir, how did you lose that eye?" he asks me, confirming my belief. A stupid, very stupid circumstance. "I was in the desert and encountered very severe sands. Causing me to crash into a cactus and need to take out my eye. Out there, I encountered a scientist, who happened to be studying how to transplant eyes without pain or blood. Without a healthy eye to transfer in, I was left without an eye." I explained lying to their king. "You poor student, we can look for a replacement for you, if you'd like." he says. If I ever hear a stupid sounding statement like that again, "I'll be fine, he said I won't be getting the eyesight back in my left even if I get an eye in there." I tell their king. "Now back to important matters, what have you come here for?" he says getting serious. "After a week I worked to get favor with the hunters in order to leave, though not without task. The hunters wish to make ally with the kingdom." I explain. Bailey is walked into the room and sat down next to me, then the guard leaves the room. "This is true, my elder Odif sent for me the only english speaker to assist with this matter." she adds, I just realized we are all still speaking english. This is good, nice to know we can still speak fluently. "Hmm, this is something to think on. Good, I'd like nothing more than for beastman allies." he says. "Uh, we aren't the beastmen, we are the hunters." Bailey replies, "Huh? I thought you were from the beastmen?" he says in confusion. So it's a stereotype that hunters and beastmen are the same thing, like indians and native americans. Kinda of reminds me of that one family guy episode with that little joke about kids playing cowboys and indians and indians. Contemplating this, another event happens while I'm not paying attention. "My king! There are beastmen outside the far wall!" the tall guard reposts coming into the room again in a rush. Except in this metaphor, the cowboys are the kingdom and the native americans are the beastmen! I grab a gun out of the box and pack away the box in my shirt pocket. Their king walks over to guard at the door, "Go gather the guards, no matter how many there are here, we will defend this place." the king orders the guard. "They declared themselves a guerilla size of an army." he said before running off. That defeats the purpose of being a guerilla force is you're gonna send an entire army to fight. I put the gun in my pocket and bring Bailey to her feet, "Let's go." I tell her. "We can't fight an army!" she protests, "No, you can't, but I'm gonna secure us a favor with the king. I need you to be there pretending to fight." I explain to her. "Your plan is gonna get me killed." she says, "I almost let you die in the desert, I won't let that happen where I can have control." I tell her valiantly. I take her hand and she wordlessly nods, I take off into a part of the room that looks like an exit. Before I leave, I catch a glimpse of their king looking at me use the exit. He has a face that's just telling me to go, I'm starting to get the idea that it's the beastmen who had something against the humans and not the hunters. Running down the stairs of the exit, it's quite long and leads to a tunnel. It's quite long, I can only trust it leads outside. I take Bailey and run forward. Based on what I remember from walking around the capital, this tunnel is running straight from the castle to the outside. We come out to a spot of grass, and hear footsteps above us. I let go of Bailey's hand, "alright, I'm gonna beat them with this thing in my pocket, I want you to jump in when you can so it can look like we both fought." I explain patting the gun in my pocket. "Fine, fine, don't die. I'm not good with trying to convince people, I'm more of a forceful type." she says gripping a fist. Then why are you so worried! Nevermind, terrible logic will psych me out. The foot step are above us as we hide in this little grass trench, "Time to go." I say looking out. It's actual army of gorillas and not a guerrilla tactics group. More stupid words, nonetheless I jump out the trench and aim my gun down the sights. Catching the front forces off guard by the sudden flank, I fire it and the leader's head suddenly has a cylinder shaped hole going through his head. The gorillas burst into a panic, give me a time to notice not all of them were gorillas. Some were cheetahs, lambs for some reason, and birds. Now that I think about it, the cheetahs are for getting up close, the lambs can take a hit with their soft bodies, birds have aerial advantage. The birds attempt to take that advantage and fly, unlucky for them I used to play duck hunt. Not a lot, but enough to shoot when I see pull and fire. I'm loving these references today, I fire a widespread shot at the birds cutting into several birds. One gets away from the shot, and manages to shoot an arrow before I can line up another shot. I narrowly avoid it, luckily the bird flew so high, the arrow slowed mid-travel. I jump back and aim my gun again, firing at it and getting another shot to its torso. The thought of ultrakill comes to mind, I reload the gun and take in my surroundings. The gorillas have scattered, the cheetahs are climbing the wooden outer walls and the lambs are awaiting the cheetahs. From here, I can see what looks like fighting from the guards on the top of the walls. In my distraction, a gorilla tries to kill me. With my limited reaction speed, I remember my old club from college teaching me about fighting these attacks. I quickly hook his fist about to slam into me with the guns handle and lead it to his legs, stunning him for the moment. I hear some yelling from behind him as I catch sight of Bailey above him. She grabs his face and smashes his head into the ground behind me, she lands. We do a back to back from the movies, apparently we are surrounded as the guerillas have corrected themselves. "How are you aiming so well with a missing eye?" Bailey asks me. "I used to practice losing an eye all the time, besides closing one eye and aiming with my right was how I aimed better. Now it's like I'm constantly aiming, it's kind of irritating." I explained to Bailey as I aimed for the cheetahs. "I'll beat these gorillas and you make sure those cheetah don't get in, kay." she says. That kay was so cute, I almost had a cute overload if I wasn't in battle. "Sure." I reply, I continue aiming and firing at the cheetahs. They were like targets that get stuck hitting other targets, they'd fall one after the other. Though the lambs are catching sight of the cheetahs falling like flies and start getting scared. "The strategy is flawed, fall back!" the biggest, beefiest sheep screamed out. It's size baffles me, giving the beastmen enough time to retreat as I try remember what to shoot at. I can wrap my mind around something that beefy sitting in the middle of the group, and not in the frontline. Finally coming back to reality, I finish off the gorillas with a quick couple of placed shots. Bailey finishes her end of gorillas, and I breathe a sigh of relief. Amongst the ruin, I can hear Bailey catching her breath as well. Though a voice I don't recognize is also among the crowd and closer to the wall. As the dust clears from the leftover animal army's stampede out, I catch sight of what looks like a lamb shaking in her...booties. I'm just gonna go with boots, that joke was surprisingly awkward. Anyway, "Hey!" I yell out hoping to get her to run too. I don't get a response, she doesn't even run!? I look around the only ones here are me and Bailey along with that lamb chick, the guards are still above us too high to hear us. This is my chance to try and get a handle on the situation, though this also tells me something. This little lamb of mine was drafted into the army or she wouldn't be here in the first place. I place my hand on her shoulder and she jumps. Now that I think about it, I've been calling it a her. But the lambs all looked the same with all that fur, even...the...beefy one. Then it hits me, this could be "a trap!" I say accidentally letting that slip out my mouth. She jumps again going into a curly ball position, "ugh." I groan. I sit down on the ground with...her? I'm gonna assume it's a her, "Hey, I'm not gonna kill you like the others, but I want you to come quietly." I say warmly and softly. She doesn't do anything but shrug from what I could see through the fur. Deciding this is gonna get me nowhere, I decide to pick her up. I try to do so, and like Bailey, she's not as heavy as she looks. She does happen to be heavier than Bailey though, what the hell! I can sense the laughter in Bailey's gaze as she watches me struggle to pick up the lamb. Though normally once I get her in the air, she's not that hard to move. I make my way back to the castle, I do feel her slowly unravel though. I think she's catching sight of the small town on the outside of the castle gates. Continuing to unravel, she's a body in my arms of a princess style hold as she sightsees the town. I look down to see her eyes turn into a cute vortex, I was distracted by still walking. I try to get myself out of the mental stupor that is her eyes, but then I almost run into the castle doors. I stop for a second and step back, "Hey, can you open the doors, as you can see I have no hands." I ask Bailey. She's giggling as she approaches the door, "Alright, what's so funny?" I ask angrily. "You like her?" she asks, "Yeah." I say and the lamb jumps causing me to need to adjust the way I'm holding her. "This may blind some of my decisions, but I'll adjust. I've got her." I say confidently looking at Bailey. "Pff, you said it so boldly." she says, "I don't see why you're laughing, you're still wearing a slave shirt." I say trying to burn her back. "Speaking of? Can you do something about this?" she asks unbothered, "Yeah, but let's deal the lamb in the room first." I say. "Fine," she says opening the door. We walk through the big room, "Aw shit!" I shout remembering the castle is tall and I'm carrying this slightly weighty girl up a tower like castle. I grit my teeth and walk past the guards who jumped at me swearing in their presence. "Sorry." I say passing them, I hate stairs so much right now. I make it up the step with the lamb and Bailey, and we continue up another flight to the throne room floor. We make it to the throne and I put down the lamb onto her feet, I raise my hand at the guards. "Can I get an escort for this little lamb while I'm in the throne room?" I ask the guards and one of them breaks from their watch and come with me. I open the door to the throne and walk in to see the king patiently awaiting me. "Mind explaining to me what that light show was, my people say beastmen were dying left and right. Then YOU caused their retreat!?" he asked in an angry tone. This last thought just made me laugh, "Space magic." I said awkwardly. He gave me a look of suspicion, "you've helped my kingdom and I'm fine with that, one of my problem happens to be the woman behind followed by one of my guards escorting her." he tells me. "Information, I plan on understanding this world, as I have no understanding of the culture of other kingdoms and cities. You get information on what's happening with the beastmen and things can be settled." I explain to their king. "Right, you simplify things, but we are going to get the information out of here. You can stay here in the castle, while we gather that information." he explains to me. "Through what methods?" I ask him hesitantly, "Torture." he says and like that the sheep behind me jumps. I look over my shoulder to look at her shiver, "She won't give you information through pain." I tell their king. "Why is that?" he asks, "Just look at her, I've seen this kind of thing before, the won't talk because their being patriotic. It only leads to their death, it'll be a waste of a good pe-, I mean person." I say looking back at the king and messing up. He only gives me a growl, I can tell he's just getting more and more suspicious of my intentions. I can't say their pure either way, this sheep chick is a cute overload, I'll never let 'em get 'er. "Fine, I'll let you stay here and keep the lamb, but I want reports daily." he says. "That's fine by me." I say, "Guards, prepare a room for these three." their king commands and the guard behind me runs out the room. Based on what I hear, other guards are also going with him. I guess it helps that the castle makes everything echo to ear shot. "Besides staying here, what do you plan on doing here. Any hatred of the hunters was ill-aimed, I advise sending your friend." he suggests. "I'll figure it out later sir." I say, I quickly bow and turn around. I wanna get out of here fast, I walk out and point Bailey and the sheep girl. "We're leaving the room you two." I whisper, it's not like I needed to tell Bailey, but the lamb girl needed to be told. She only nervously gets up and slowly starts moving towards the door. Getting impatient, I get behind her and start pushing her by what I think is her back. She jumps as I get her out the room, we make it out the room and Bailey closes the door behind us. "Alright miss!" I announce, she only jumps. "Name." I say with the most serious voice I have, she sits there and turns shaking her fur off. Not literally, at this point I realize she may not understand us. The humans speak english, luckily, but what about her. Her friends spoke english, perhaps that guy was like Bailey. Being the only english speaker, but why bring a-. Wait! The people who put the army up to this hoped for a surrender, so they sent a english speaker to listen for it. That also might explain why the sheep barely moved in that fight. I need of checking this theory, I do the process of pulling a device out of the box and grab my translator. I slap it on my neck, "Okay, what's your name!?" I ask as soon as I can. She looks at me in a confused way, "A human who can speak sheep? How odd?" she says in this cute voice. I'm starting to question whether I'm having a fever dream and why I'm not having a cute stroke on this little lamb. "Name." I struggle to say it, trying to cope with the fact that this conversation is happening. "My name? Boss said it wasn't gonna be important where we went, but okay. Mystic." she tells me in an off topic explanation. "Oh man, I got captured by a human. Not only that but a cyclops dog dude." she says to herself. Her mind is all over the place, "I think I should take offense to that dog comment." Bailey says speaking up. I guess the shivering was from me missing an eye. If this is how missing an eye is gonna be like, I gotta get this fixed quick. I'm busy thinking to myself as I notice two guards walking over to us. I look at the two. apparently while I worried about my appearance, the sheep got herself into a racist argument. For a beastman, you'd think that racism would be less there since they sound and look more diverse than the hunters. Either way, the guards are closer and in front of me. "Come with us sir, we have prepared a room with the servants." A guard dutifully says. They both start walking in the other direction, I look back at the two and they are still arguing. I decide I should pull one of their ears to get this to stop, innie, minnie, minni, it's Baileys. With my right I grab her cute dog ears, and pull. "Ow! What the fuck!" She shouts, I point at the guards and start walking. "Grr." Bailey growls at me and she gestures Mystic to come with. We follow the guard down a hallway on the side of the throne room and hit a two way fork, one hall forward, one hall to the left. I watch the guard take a left and follow, I look back to make sure they are both with me. Mystic is still incredibly distracted by the castle's interior, that might get in my way later, and I mean strategically. We pass some doors. I can only guess what's in them, as the only thing different is the door shape and pattern. "Your room." One of the guards says stopping in front of it and taking a guard position. The other one walks across the door and guards the other side, "Okay." I say walking past their gate like guard. In the room, it's like the royal quarters from the first Overlord game. Only there is more color than red,white, and gold. It also happens to be bigger, The first room is a little entrance room. From there, a bathroom on the left, what seems like a closet room on my right, and a bedroom in front of me. Four different rooms, essentially a living quarter if it was a small house! I want to check out the bedroom, so I do. Me, Bailey and Mystic walk into medium 10x14 feet like bedroom, with a big ledge window on the side of a bed. Speaking of beds, there are two of them at the back of the room. A dresser at left of the entrance, and a large mirror to my right. Wait, brain.exe registering...there are two beds. "Only two!?" I ask in a hysterical voice, the beds have a gap between them enough to fit my box in when it's coffin sized. I take it out and throw it at the wall and watch it enlarge in the middle of the beds. I move over to investigate the bed on the room's left, it has marks on it as if cut perfectly in half. I drag my finger on the bed sheets, either new ones or the bed was split by magic. I decide to throw Bailey a bone and dig out the device for getting a quick shower and clothes. The problem was that they left Bailey in a rag for a shirt and nothing else, another problem was the device only produces my clothes. Judging from what her body style is like, it may be tight- gooooood. I begin to smirk as Bailey sits on the bed as if she was waiting for me to investigate it. Of course, Mystic moved over to the other one. Wait, "Then where the fuck am I gonna sleep!?" I asked getting off the floor and looking at both of them. "In the bath." Bailey says playing with her hair, and Mystic says nothing. "I guess you don't need clothes and enjoy looking just like that." I argue at Bailey. "Sure why not!?" she replies, "Hey Bailey, there's this thing where I'm from called skirt flipping. How do you think that's gonna feel, if you have nothing on after I flip your shirt up. I may not be into you, but I am sexually attracted to you." I say attempting to threaten her. She takes time to cover her chest with one arm, and cover her lower half with as much shirt she can get down there. "Fucking fine!" she yells at me, she then rolls over on the bed leaving me enough space to plop onto the bed and rest. I pull my head out of the bed and turn my head towards Bailey, "and what happened to desert!? We have to get rid of Ryan and Sonya!" I tell her. "Yeah, Boom about that, we can only leave if you fuck someone you're genuinely in love with while said person has Sonya inside." Ryan adds in. "What the fuck! You'll never leave!" I say throwing my head back into the bed. I'm guessing Bailey was told the same thing by Sonya as she starts pulling on her ears. "Who is Ryan and Sonya?" I hear Mystic ask, I look up from the bed. Looking at Mystic, looking at me curiously. "Spirits." I say digging into box from the bed and pulling out the shower device. I sit and look at Bailey, "Hey look at me." I tell her. Bailey stops pulling on her ears, I shove the device in her hands. "I'm gonna close my eyes and I want you to take off that shirt and press the button on the device." I explain to her as I close my eyes. "Don't peak perv." She responds, I don't need to peak. I prefer using my imagination, I've feel the bed shake as she takes off the shirt. I hear Ryan raising his voice in my head in awe, I knew it she's sexy. I hear the device go off and open my eyes, the device put on my clothes from when I landed. A black and red shirt, with black pants. The device usually stores clothes on the user, then washes the clothes inside and redistributes the clothes in random the same way the pair went in. No pants going in. means the outfit will come out with no pants. During that it, washes the user mid change. By the time you have clothes on next, you've had a shower and have dried. I was right though, my shirt is for males, her breasts are almost poking through it. I had always planned it for one of my sisters just in case she used it, but this is better. I always found it when women wore their man's shirt it was sexy. I take the device from Bailey and toss it over my shoulder into the box, "whoa." I hear from Mystic. She climbs over to me and Bailey's bed and tugs at the cloth on Bailey. "I though sheep fur was nice, our clothes barely feel like this after we've used our fur." Mystic says in awe. What's up with the animal people of this world using their own fur to make clothes their fur is therefore!? "Get off the bed, pinky." Bailey says, by my guess, she's starting another argument. I look past the two, and see the sun's position; it's evening. I look towards the door, I wanna try their baths. I get off the bed and take off my shirt, though I think this interrupts their argument. I hear them stop. "What are you doing!?" Bailey asks, "Yeah!?" Mystic finally agrees on something with Bailey. "I wanna try the baths here." I say placing my shirt folded in front of the box. Now shirtless, "But you have that clothes changing thing." Bailey adds. "It doesn't simulate the feeling of taking a bath, I may be clean, but I want a bath." I argue back at her. "Then I'll get next." Bailey responds, "You've already had one, I haven't had one in like a day." I say looking back at her as I make it to the room's entrance. "Then what about me?" Mystic asks, "Sure." I say making my way to the bathroom. There's a door open to my left, and toilet right there when you get in the room on my right. The sink is like a foot or two away to my left, with the main staple of the room being right in front of me. The bath, it looks like a royal bath. Cheeky enough, it has regular valves from back home. I run water and look up from the bath to see a glass window above, like I'm supposed to look up at god's cross on a window. If this was god's work, then why am I here? I check the water's temperature and like some of the time, I guessed the right temp on the first try. I remember my pants are still on, like a normal person, I take them off with my underwear. The bath being full, I get in and lay deeper in. Damn, this is relaxing, "I remember bathing when I was young, speaking before I died, aww." I whisper to myself. The last time I officially bathed during this life, was when I was five and left my parent's house. I've been using that device ever since. I soak for some time, then later I decide to get out. There were towels and other things in the room along with soap. I grab some and use hot water from the sink and wash my hair with soap. Done the due process of a bath, I grab a towel and dry myself. Though as I dry, I look at my pants and remember something. I had the stupidest hate for having to carry my clothes back to the room. I wrap the towel around my pelvis, then grab my pants and underwear. Finally out the bathroom and into the middle room, I wanna start calling it that. I noticed the bedroom had a closed, I open it. I have no shits to give for privacy, without them, this would be my room. What I come into was Bailey pulling on Mystic's armour she forgot to take off, and Bailey's sh-no my shirt getting pulled on exposing Bailey's breast. Most of Mystic's armour was a golden torso armour with little gauntlets and shin guards, those were over at the mirror. All that was left on her is the torso armour, and some little shorts, and her pink wool fur. Though looking at Bailey, they are fighting and not trying to stretch my shirt so she can breathe right? I walk in between them and put my left hand on Bailey's shoulder and a right on Mystic's shoulder. I push them apart and fold my pants and underwear. They stop and realize I'm in the room with just a towel between them. Mystic gasps and jumps back, Bailey leans back with an embarrassed look on her face. I grab the shower device, then bring it over to my shirt and pants. It sucks them up, I then press the button after quickly dropping the towel. Luckily all they can see is my butt for a second before I change clothes. The pair I pull out happens to be my pajama colored shirt and pants; all dark purple. I take off my shoes and leave them in front of the box. Deciding this is enough, I shut the box and place my shower device on top. "Move over," I command Bailey. She moves back on the bed and leaves me space, she still has an embarrassed look. I get in bed and get under the covers and lay my head on the long pillow covering the bed's top. "Your turn, Mystic." I say to her, I hear her shift on the bed and move over to the door. Hearing it close, I look past Bailey and look at the night sky from the window, I think she saw my penis. I ain't got energy to dwell on it, I close my eyes and work on going to sleep. Now I say I don't have energy, but with the way my body works. It acts like my old one; I couldn't sleep unless past a certain hour in the night. Whatever, after some time of body fighting, I feel the bed shift along with the covers. Bailey is laying down with me, then the door opens; must be Mystic. After a few steps, I hear the other bed shake. Mystic is also in bed, oh yes, no trouble tonight beyond the bath. Whoop DE do, I don't need action besides what happened earlier, goodnight.

(I'm a fan of those scenes in movies where someone will mysteriously appear and is surrounded by guards with spears. I think I told you guys this, anyway with suave as well to counter the situation. Making uniform colors is stupid, making their colors essentially making them similar to cards from Alice in wonderland was faster. In the time period, the planet is SUPPOSED to show, I thought that racism has yet to be dealt with so it had a lot to do with parts of this chapter. I also have a habit of calling people Nazi's when I see blond hair and blue eyes. It's how I was taught about Nazis, and how they wanted people who had said features. It's just a subconscious routine. I like the idea of castle towns having three layers to them. The castle, the fort around the castle and the town surrounding it. I've seen many different kings in media, some are jerks, I try to look out for ones I hate. This king talks about his people, but when he fails, he'll be quick to use them. I believe I have something similar to a silver tongue, where my bronze tongue can get away with some things. Bailey was in rags because I wanted the people to believe they were demeaning her. I like scenes in media, where the king discovers the man in his court has something missing and a mysterious backstory to it. I once say on TV, a guy without eyes, all there was  was an eye socket with meat inside. I prefer the idea of unintentional racism, rather than intentional, besides it's funnier. The beast-men battle was what I think a battleground could end up acting like. All puns said during this chapter are intentional. I have a weakness to cuteness, which is why I took in Mystic. But OH MY GOD! if I could draw the cuteness that was her, OH MY GOD! There's a thing in anime where a male looks like a girl, lately they are "evolving" I mean I would assume that's girl if it had tits instead of man boobs. Also that big sheep, scared me in a bazaar way. if it existed, it would be on the news. I couldn't pin Mystic's personality. once you make it past a shy person's nervousness, what's left in that cute barrel. I think I'll make the king hate me at this rate. I wanted to get in the bath so bad was because of a need for a bath since like fourteen years after my small smart baby body was born. What I did when I came back from the bath was create a ecchi scene, or if it was in real life a risky looking scene. I want to play my cards right before I act on any hidden desires.)

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