Chapter Twelve

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The next morning, I wake up in the same building as always and I sit up. On the floor, I look around to understand my situation, the room is full. Like an orgy went off, there is hunters all over the floor, I'm happy it's just a small village or I might have died last night. I get up or at least attempt to as I fall back down with the pain of bites and something tugging me back. The pain of bites combine with any movement may knock me out from shock. I look around hoping someone's up and awake, seeing Bailey who's awake at least. "Hey, help me out here." I whisper in her direction, but I make a slight movement to talk to her. The pain kicks in again, Bailey gets up and walks over holding her stomach in hand. She kicks off the girl holding me down by my right arm, and moves to kick the rest of the limb holders. All gone, I get up fighting my wounds, all around like a bad backache. "Thanks." I tell her, "Cool." She says with her eyes closed now scratching at her belly. She turns to the stairwell, and I watch her leave. I'm not sure, but if I'm right she might remember last night, I don't wanna face that... She stops at the top of the stairs and turns to look at me, "I told you it was dangerous, we typically call whatever we do a fever dream, but we know it happened." she explains. "I get it, I get it, I won't talk about it." I tell her. "Last night, don't talk about it to anyone while we're outside the village, I didn't think I'd get my way like that." She says in a blush. "So you were into my body?" I ask in a smug face, "No." She quickly respond with no expression. She walks down the stairs and I continue to my box and pull out a device to straighten myself since those bites messed up clothes. Now that I think about it, I look at my pants finding them missing. "Shit,shit,shit!" I look around and find them next to the table glistening. "Uh, I don't want those back now." I say covering my eyes, I obviously got raped last night. Taking my hands off my eyes, I use the device to replace my clothes with a black with light green design shirt, and my favorite black and green pants. I put back both the device and the box, I grab the copy of the maps of the table and work my way out the building. It was difficult with plowed and satisfied bodies on the floor, "I'm done with this village now." I complain. While making my way to the village entrance, I look around, it's quiet for once and empty. This is nice, but I'm gonna need chains for Bailey, that's a definite cost to this peacefulness. Bailey is walking over from her little part of the village behind some buildings. I watch her walk through the quiet village, "I hope we can leave now." I say. "Don't be impatient, I'm coming short nose." She says, I notice her backpack made out of fur. I'm starting to think they made clothes off themselves, ignoring it for now I start walking through the village exit. Bailey follows and I continue through the forest, "So the moon messes with your minds?" I ask her. "It hits everyone differently, as you seen." She says leaning to look at my bite wounds on my arm while walking. I hold my left arm, "Yeah and yours was lustful." I say walking a bit faster. "Your point, I haven't been with someone before." she tells me. I don't respond, I remain silent. We come to the small plain in between golem territory and the village forest. Walking past, I see my ship making glints with the cloaking device. I try my best to ignore it while making hand gestures from my waist. I program the ship to fly into orbit after we make our way into the forest and to come back down on command via box device. Continuing in, I go further and further to stumble across the pillar I saw a couple of days ago with the kids. "I didn't have look very far for it this time." I say passing it. The pillar begins to move, but it doesn't stop me as I continue. The pillar's top most part shift into a head and the torso becomes wider. It starts walking with me using the bottom parts of itself as legs. "I guess you're a golem?" I ask it. "Correct, human, how did you make your way past us?" It asks me. I look behind him to see at least three other golems walking with it deeper in the forest in the exact same way as the one talking to me. "Magic." I tell the golem, I think magic exists in this world, I heard stories from the kids when I watch them. "It's true." Bailey said catching up to me and walking at my pace. "We found him in our border and questioned him from there, so far he has won our elder's favor and is now a co-representative of the hunters. We hope to make peace with humans of his kind." She explains. The golem rotates its stone head in a funny fashion, looking at both of us, I also hear more of them rotating their heads on my left. The golem continues walking with me but gets closer, moving arms from its torso and placing them on our wrists. Stone generates from the golems as a bracelet is made on mine and Bailey's wrists. "Ow." I growl, they squeeze tight on my skin. I look at Bailey who has barely winced at the placement, "Wish I had fur to block some of the pain." I whisper to myself. "Huh?" Bailey asks, I guess she heard my whisper. I feel an ear grow on my head, it's floppy like a dog's, "We will recognize you next time with those bands." it says pointing at the bands with its pillar arm. I take it in, while continuing to worry about my new ear in my hair. Another one grows out as I make my way out the forest, "freedom!" I shout running out in happiness. The golems stop at the edge of the forest, watching me leave. The glee of leaving replaces my thoughts for now, but I also need to make my way to the capitol if I'm going to make my next move.

(I love "after a rough night" scenes. I distinctly want Bailey to technically hate me until I want to get with her, the way I flirt with her is the way I flirt with everyone. Reactive, I'll wait until I want her, until then we will remain friends or frienamies as some people could see.  The golems went the same way I wanted them to be, guards who care about their people and accept their decisions, instead of just thinking for their "Well being". I wanted a constant walking scene with the golems as their forest is like a small fighting spot, stopping could end with multiple stone spears in your gut. On my way to the capitol for more fun, X].)

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