Chapter 2

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I had been born to these parents, apparently the guy I thought was my doctor was indeed my doctor and my father. With the ability to remember things came with my general education, I can understand what they're saying or at least that they are saying things. I hear their conversation, but they tend to switch languages on and off. My mother turns to me, and she asks if I'm okay, if the process of being born scared me a little. She then just sits there in a worried look as if I was supposed to answer, I give it a minute before deciding to say something. "M-mother?" I ask her as I hope to get an answer. Before long it dawned on me, technically I'm a baby, newborn at that, should I even be talking!? My father then bends down and places me and on the floor and asks me to walk over with him to the other room. In all the surprise, I only remain dumbfounded before I attempt to stand. I stand up almost perfectly almost falling but standing at the age of 10 minutes, I then try to follow dad. I somehow keep up with thought being the size of a bigger eggplant, I look at mom in bed before I leave the room. We walk into a hallway appearing just about navy blue, I can't really tell what the color is due to my lack of knowledge on color names and appearance. Continuing down this hallway we pass some doors, "Dad...Where are we?". He stops and turns around, "We are at the hospital, you know what that is right?" he asks me. "Yeah," I reply, dad only nods and returns to walking me down the hallway. We come to a room around a corner in the hall, and it open when get close. I swear dad opened it, but I look around and he's back at the corner watching me go in with a smile. I go in, and look to see other babies like me, some having conversations and other playing with toys. I give some more of them a look over and I find not all of them are of human racial colors. I'm black, but more brown, there are some white people and some black people in the mix. The one that hits home is this one pink baby, she having a talk with another baby, a black older looking boy. I'm not saying he's too old to be with the babies, in fact I see his diaper. He just looks older, Within the time of me looking at this baby, I get notice by practically everyone. I guess the newbie gets look at a lot by people they don't know, either way I decide to walk over to the toy part of the room. I find a toy that looks similar to a book and like the curious cat I am I pick it up. Picking it up was the okay part, what happened was that there is a wire attached to the book. A light started quickly shining through a hole the wire went into, blinding me. I tried to cover my eyes and it all went dark, until the room lit up with light. I turned around to look at a banner saying congratulations, "That's our child." says a familiar voice. It was my father, I realise this after look down from the banner and see my parents; mother and father. The other children are standing with and all can ask is, "um...what?". "Baby, you've done better and faster than all of your other siblings." mother explains. "I still don't get." I say, "Heh, I could have done it myself, I only grabbed on other toy before grabbing the book." the black baby from before says. "This was an exam, long since devised by scientist to understand a baby's personality after they are born. Depending on what they choose is who they are and how they will be. We just put you through it and wanted to see how you'd deal with, being your the last of the litter." father explained to me. Being a baby wherever I am must be short or something, being tested all avatar like is really weird. "Looks like you're a studious kid, oh my baby boy." Mother says in a happy and joyous way. She goes to pick me up and practically squeezes me, I look past her shoulder to the other babies and I give them a questioning look. They all just look or start walking out of the room, the one black baby from earlier just stares up in an obviously jealous look. This situation is something I can hardly understand fully happening.

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