Chapter Fourteen

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I awake to the sun in my face and it feeling like a billion degrees, of course that's an exaggeration. I open my eyes to see no one but the empty tent, I sit up and rub the sleep out of my eyes. I catch a glimpse of the outside to see Bailey on sand, I think she's burning up. I crawl out of the tent as fast as I can, I forgot that I left the little heat device on. I rush to turn it off and I do, I quickly turn to check on Bailey. The heat dies just a little because the device is off, I note that Bailey and her fur is glistening. She must be sweating from every pore on her body, but I thought dogs only sweat from their mouths. Oh no, her sweat is making her clothes see through. More importantly I look at her face, she's awake, but more in the dying face department. I need to get her out of this heat, I wrap up the tent we put up. Though it takes longer than it did last making it last night, might be because of the lack of Bailey's hands. Putting everything in the box, I look at Bailey. "Waaait." I think to myself, what if I put her in the box. I think to myself, I don't remember whether the box shrinks people or not. I did read the manual, but I don't remember it saying anything about people. She's dying in this heat, I don't have time to remember. I pick her up, she's surprisingly heavier than I thought she was, not heavy that I can't pick her up, but heavy for me to move around in. Picking her up princess style, I place her in the box as it enlarges to coffin size. I close it and shrink it back to a small size. I'm transporting a female that's great, I walk around the desert. To my trouble, I'm also going in a random direction, I don't have Bailey to help me. I find a cave, it looks like a cove with shadow in it. Hoping to have enough air to be able to check on Bailey, I travel inside. Inside I come across glass windows similar to a scientist lab. What is up with this place and appearing similar to earth, thinking on this, I am hit with a colored gas. I jump back, but before I could cover my mouth and slow my breathing, I lose feeling in my arms and legs. I fall on the cave's floor, "I can' feel mah legs." I say feeling my consciousness fade. The minute I feeling anything, I jump to a sitting position.Trying to get a handle on my situation, I find myself in a cell. It's dark and decrepit, and from the look of things;unkept. I remember my box and I take it out, I also feeling like something is missing. My vision is completely black in my left sight, the existence of magic might explain why it feels like I can't see anything. The worse case scenario also might have happened, I don't wanna think about it. Looking out of the cell, I flick it against the wall and it grows to it's coffin size. I hear Bailey climb out of the box, thank the gods she wasn't crushed. I breathe a sigh of relief, then I look outside. There seems to be a lab outside or at least I think, the lab looks like a dentist office. I turn to my left and catch a wall with a door connecting to my cell wall, Bailey screams in ear. "What the hell! Why did you scream?" I ask her in anger, "Have you not seen you eye?!" she asks me. "Yes, have I seen the one out a few things on my face I can't see." I say sarcastically in anger. "It's your left eye, it's gone, like not there! You're trying to see with a gap in your eye lid!" she tells me, I feel where my left eye is supposed to be. It's, it's not there, "IT'S NOT THERE! AHHH!" I scream. I can feel my heartbeat pumping, I am distinctly not okay with missing my eye! I try spending time trying to calm down, and with Bailey next to me hyperventilating, it's not helping. I finally catch my breath, then stand up. The cell is certainly tall, I walk over to it's bar and look at the chair in the middle. "That must be my eye." I say pointing to an eye on the table of the chair. Bailey comes up behind and looks over my shoulder to where I pointed, I pull at the bars. "This cell really is unkept." I say prying the bars off, I continue with the rest of them. Bailey joins me as we break the bars off and open up the cell. It's more of a part of this small room, at least now that we've removed the bars preventing us from leaving. I check outside the cell and look around, so far there's no one here. I gather the box and put it inside my shirt pocket, and I leave the room. With Bailey following behind, we cautiously leave the room. Outside, we're in between the glass window and the room with a cell. I look around and see another door next to the room we were in, we sneak up to it. I crack open said door and give it a look inside, I spy with my only eye a scientist. At least he looks like it, "Hey!" I shout surprising the scientist as I open the door wider. "Wah!" he shouts in surprise, with that being my trigger to rush in and tackle him to the floor. "Who are you!?" I shout questioning the man at fist-point, I'm able to get a good look at him with my only eye. He's in a lab coat, but his body shows that of a young doctor. I think he's similar to my age, the rest is casual clothing you'd see around the house. "Uh! I-I'm Mave!" he says attempting to cover his face with a single arm, though I do keep his other one on the floor. The floor happens to also be a rug, I take a chance to look around. The cave is also in this room, more like it's walls. Apparently, Mave here hasn't gotten to making all of the cave his own. That might prove what the gas was for, I didn't need to be paralyzed by baby survivalist. I decide to stand up off Mave for a second, though getting up hitting a table. It's wobbly and out of instinct I caught it, "Okay, Mave, why'd you take my eye!?" I ask in anger. I suppose the most butthurt thing I wanted to know came out first, "really?" Bailey joins in asking. "Yes, really!" I say, my eye being missing is definitely the first thing on my mind. Only second to why is he out here, "I wanted to understand why someone is out in this desert. When I caught you, I put you in the room you came from. In the chair, I examined you. I checked your eyes and you woke up unconsciously, though your eyes weren't the same as what they look like now." he explains the best he can. "Ex-plain!" I growl, demanding him to continue. "All I could do was try to get closer, but with your eye being in your socket, I had to take it out for light! I used transplant magic to take it out without it bleeding all over the floor!" he explains. "Transplant magic? If it was a transplant, you should have had something to put back in my eye when you were done!" I angrily argue. I feel my anger slowly get worse as I adjust myself to better punch this idiot, Bailey throws her body against me in an attempt to hold me back. "Woman! Let me go! What logic is that shit! Transplants are about transferring limbs and organs and other shit! Gimme me eye back!" I yell struggling against Bailey to reach Mave. "I'm sorry, but you've been asleep for too long and the eye has been drained of all blood, it's gone and it's never coming back. Not only that but if I hooked up your eye back into your socket, it wouldn't work with your brain!" I yells back in a panic as he hides in the room's corner. He's not that far from me, if only I could reach him! "Then teach me magic! I find another eye and do it myself!" I shout stopping Bailey from holding. She lets me go, apparently she hadn't thought about it. "I only study transplant magic, that's similar to healing and revival magic. You'd need to see someone else about it." he tells me inching out of the corner. So then magic is similar to how doctors all aren't in the same field of study, even though they all have doctor in their name once acquired. This halts me for a moment, allowing me to calm down a little. "That makes you efficiently useless to me! Besides your knowledge on transplant magic! I'll kill you!" I say jumping at him again to be held back by Bailey once more. This time her expression is more blank than a friend trying to hold back a guy whom they don't want fighting. Her expression causes me to stop, perhaps she was thinking and was going to be the leader for once. "Once I took out your eye, it went back to normal when I took it out. Staying in the same form after tapping on it or messing with you." Mave said inching himself out the corner again. "Again with that idiotic logic! Of course it went back to normal after it left my socket, dumb ass!" I shout moving to jump again. This time, Bailey hung onto my sleeve with her hand. I stopped and waited for her, "Fine, I'll let it pass for now, but I'll be back for you." I say. "Let's go Bailey." I say pulling her through the door we came from, leaving us in the room in between the glass and the cold desert. In all honesty, his room was turning my claustrophobia on. I can't stand small spaces, I decide to search the glass for someway out without breaking it. I touch a part of the glass and I feel something activate, at the same time energy leaves me. It took my rage at Mave away, the glass window opens. I take Bailey's hand and jump through the glass. The sudden clap of Bailey's hand, woke her out of her thought process as she jumped through too. On her two feet, she walks over to me, "we need to get you looked at, that eye thing could be a problem for us in the capitol." she whispers to me. "Right, let's go already." I say taking her hand with me outside into the cold. Outside, I remember we're in the desert night without a coat or anything. Though, Bailey here is acting unbothered and looking at me confused. "I'm freezing dog." I say in a jealous tone. "Get in your box, I'll carry you this time." she suggests. "You seem to be used to it now." I say holding onto my arms shivering, "Yeah, now do it." she commands. "Wow pushy." I say pulling out the box and expand it like normal to coffin size. "I'll trust you to get us out of the desert then?" I ask looking back at Bailey. "Yeah, I've got you." she says gesturing me to hurry. "Fine." I say jumping into the box and end up at the bottom of what looks like a toy drawyer. "Looks like I need to organize this place." I tell myself as I watch the box close above me.

(First off, Bailey is completely covered in fur, from head to toe. Covering all parts and dogs only sweat through their tongues. Some part of DNA that stuck with the hunters, though they spit literal balls of sweat when they get hot. She was outside next to a heater and the blazing sun; this chick dying of a heat stroke. The heater device looks like a electronic campfire, I love how cute they look to me.  Also before I put Bailey in the box, I had seen movies where things shrink, but it depended on how they shrunk. They would use ray guns or something that would hit their clothes and everything else. The way the box works is that anything in it, shrinks; basically, my knowledge was a wee bit off. In truth, I forget about tent, and it's not important anyway. I think I lost it with that eye surgeon. Media always colors gases for audience to see, my readers can't see it, but the gas that knocked me out was using tons of strong chemicals. So the gas would be colored. The me transporting a female, was my opinion on objectifying women. I prefer being an equality, than be judged as a woman user. This is my assumption on how lack of depth perception and losing an eye works. I'd rather not lose any of my five senses, since I heavily rely on all of them. Oh yeah, I'm not confident in touching woman, let alone picking them up. If they look light, I'm fine, Bailey's height tricks the human eye on weight judgement. Oh yeah, I've trained myself and several self-made survival tactics. With Gases, I intend to use the breath I'm using to combat them before breathing it in at all. When I'm angry or unhappy, I'm sarcastic and an asshole about it. I feel a disturbance when something of my possession is taken, and how close it was makes the disturbance worse. That was my eye, one of the sight lines I depend on. I unintentionally made the guy's name rhyme with cave. He lives in a laboratory cave, it's one of my favorite outlooks in media. These are my first steps into finding out how magic works, I prefer the "everyone can use magic if they study it" thing in media. Some stories have it where magic is based on study, and the more you study the stronger you are. Just a preference. I had to look up that I can't put my eye back and see with it too. Magic could do that, but I need my eye and healing magic. It's too risky, just to go looking for it yet. I sparred him because he may be useful later, all assets can be useful in time. Bailey is used to the box, ever since she went inside, it became easier to understand. Also I'm a hoarder, whatever you think my tool piles look like; it looks like it. I also have a habit of making organized piles, similar to amethyst from Steven universe. Also, SHE A DOG, what's a desert night gonna do to her, but give her a breeze.)

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