Chapter Eleven

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Today starts differently than yesterday, there's a bang at the door. In the same fashion I got up yesterday, I do the same and make my way down the steps of the building. The banging continues, and so do I to the door. When I open it, someone comes crashing into me. On the floor, I barely pick myself up into a sitting position, with enough time I find the person who crashed into me was Bailey. "I know being a small village doesn't give you a lot of options, but I am not okay with being one of yours." I say. Wait, why did I say that!? I'm fully okay with mating with a cute girl like her. The thing is she didn't respond to the comment, "Grrr..." she made a growls instead. Looking up at me with a strained face, "This is what I meant. Close the door and don't let anyone else in." she tells me. I throw her off me, she makes a light thud on the house's wooden floor. I went to grab at door, before being tripped. I guess throwing her off messed up her concentration to control herself, I'm not far from the door. The thing is I'm barely touching it with my finger, if I don't move now, the whole village will be in here. "Bailey, let go, c'mon." I say looking back at her. Though my hearing deceived me, it must have knocked her out instead of breaking her concentration. I see that she's just a body on the floor, and for some reason it was able to grab on my leg. I move over to get her hand off me, it works out, the grip wasn't tight so I'm good. With one problem dealt with, the door is next. I think that to myself as I turn and find one of the many mothers from outside in front of my door. At this point, she should be under the control of her feral self. "Screw it, time for my own tackle." I said to myself, I was in position for an old school move called the spear. I charge at her, pick her up and slam her head on the ground, or at least I hope, I'm still aiming for a knock out. I'll worry about damage when it's not whatever I can nickname this wild day. I inch her body out of the way of door before anyone notices I'm here, now that I think about this woman looks like the one I passed while walking around a couple of days ago. She might be the same woman, at this point it might be that all the hunters that know I exist are coming after me first. I close the door, the others ones may come soon after. I walk over to Bailey, who I've left in the middle of the floor a few steps from the stairs. I pick her up and hold her princess style and walk her over to the stairs, I forgot there were a bunch of crates right next to the stairs. I walk over to them and set her down, I had already set them in the form of a throne so I could have a chair if I had to sit down here again. With that job done, I wipe any dirt off my hands and walk back up the steps. It's only when I sit down at the table that I realize shit just hit the fan, I can't leave the village yet! I'm surrounded by angry minded dogs, who likely won't let me walk past them without some of flesh in their mouths. I'm stuck in here with only the meal I got from Bailey last night made from the villagers.! I continue to think to myself before something else hits me, I can't take a piss. And like the universal law states, I can't take a piss and I actually need to go now. With a creak of the floorboards, I turn to see that Bailey has regained consciousness and is staring me down from the stairway, of course I know she's also not in control. "Fffffuck." I say dragging my f-bomb, after I say this she starts running at me. I'm not quick enough to dodge it, but I am smart enough to deal with whatever she does. She jumps at me from the middle of the room, and she has airtime to match it. Bailey is at least five feet in the air, head first hitting my stomach, out of instinct and training from my last life I breath out. I took the tackle but, I'm out of the table chair and on the floor with a girl pinning my legs to the ground. It takes me more than a second to get use to the pain in my abdomen, but the next thing I know my pants have dropped with boxers left. I look back at Bailey, who's just drooling now as she reaches for my boxers. If this is going where I think it's going, then I'm stuck between this is awesome, and this is going to be my first and worse blowjob. Worried about the second thing I grab my boxers and try to prevent her from getting past and sucking me dry. I think she hit a fuck it button after attempting to get my pants off. She took her right hand squeeze the living out of my hands trying to stop her from getting to me, and her left cut through the boxers. I guess she has some aim as I don't feel any pain and she must have barely scratch on me. I look to see wounds the size of two knife cuts, but they were more like bruises. I wasn't bleeding, but by the time I realized they were there, they started stinging me. From there Bailey paused, for a second to see me slightly turned on by this little situation any guy would be, well maybe not homos. She grabbed my meat stick with slight force, and moved her head into position. She gave it a lollipop lick and from there I wasn't anywhere good. She treated my dick like an icecream cone, licking it from bottom up and traveling in a swirl. She stopped at the tip each time as if that was needed. She took a moment to breath before stick her tongue out and rotating it around my second head. "Control yourself Bailey." I said ironically to my desire. That was her go for shoving my stick down her throat, she laid on her stomach and continued. In and out of her mouth, she continued not giving time to breath. Now that I think about I can move my hands, but at this point I knew I'm not gonna move them. Though she need another moment to breath, so she let go of my cock for one moment leaving with one more lick at the tip. I quickly sat up using my hands, "Hey, you can stop now." I say. This like that song, "my mind's telling me no, but my body! My body is telling yes!" I think. "Fuck." I say out of instinct, and like another trigger she gets on top of me. She starts grinding on my dick that's been sandwiched in by her pussy. With her arms perched on my shoulders, I realize that I shouldn't take advantage of Bailey's wildness and instead I should wait for her to approach me. I attempt to push her off, only for her to bite at my shoulder, that shit is digging in there! "Gah fuck!" I shout, at this point, I'm not a masochist so I move my foot for a kick. I get most of my foot through removing myself from the grind, and I get the chance to kick her. Unfortunately, the kick wasn't high enough for me, but it did move her pushing her from both mine and her stomach. I pull on my underwear and dig in my shirt pocket for the box. I get it and dig out of it a med pack, honestly I thought this one might have been the most useless. In this situation, my past self would be wrong for not carrying one. Looking back at Bailey, I knocked her out again, she's sprawled out on the floor on her back. For a girl with a lot of hair, she frequently hits her head. I get up off the floor, and go to grab my pants. She slung them to the stairs, honestly I didn't need this today. I was about to leave and everything! As great as that was, I have moral rules. The woman has to give conscious consent, she was just in some sort of full moon rage. I decide to check the time and look out the door. In a situation, like this I should get a watch. I quickly open the door and look out, the sun turned evening. I'm not out of it yet though, as the night grows, life should be getting worse. I was correct as I closed the door someone must have seen me as I hear claws at the door. Realizing my blunder, I run up the stairs and hope this nightmare ends quickly. I quickly hide under the table, and like a horror movie wait until no one notices me. I wait, later to find several hunters come up the steps. I kill my breath and move the chair in their site so they can barely see me. The bad thing about it is the children are curious little ones, and they move and find me. Now the children can be a murder cloud during normal hours, but the adults chip in and pull me out from under the table. The rest was a blur, I can tell a few hunters bit me, and all the kids played with my limbs. That was painful, but others started tugging at my pants, trying to continue what Bailey started. This time, I'll take all their claws but I am not letting go of my pants. The blur gets worse as I succumb to the bites all over my body as I try to defend myself, I feel my consciousness fade.

(Honestly, during a full moon, I think you can see it during the day so the effects of it should still happen ever so slightly, and I'm not okay with a gang bang. Lastly, I moral rules when it comes to sex, and Honor rules when it comes to battles. Two of my main rules applied in this situation, "no fucking without consent" and "don't fight if the opponent can't defend themselves".)

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