Chapter 3

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In a situation like this I thought it was bad, especially since I didn't know anything about this. Though after ten years, I've learned about this world. First my birth, the reason I could talk and other things was because of science. Not just any science, I'm at least one hundred year in the future since I've died. Science has gone as far as making it so babies have an eighth grade education by the time they are born, and they are emotionally prepared for everything as they grow from birth. I was one of the smartest out of my siblings, and as of birth I have 12 sibling all who wish to go their own ways. This planet is also earth, but it's almost unrecognizable from old times standards. I've was born to two known doctors, my dad who's a regular child doctor, and my mother who also could be considered scientist with how she studies medicine. She continues to study such medicine as she continues to assist patients. My sibling are some of the babies who I met when I was born, they're all family to me. Though they also act like families do and fight a lot more than regular ones. I think it's because each of us are different in many ways. Tirone, the black baby from before is one of the most athletic in the family, I originally thought he hated me. I was wrong after enough time, school had taught him to be wrong. Though, he was the least of my worries, my sister was a delinquent leading to several bad things to happen. Specifically to me, I happen to be a victim of frame, cyberbullying, and my sister. This sister was named Sylria, I never thought she was so bad when we met in the daycare simulator. Since then she caused at least five of the family to suffer for her actions, including me. The cookie jar, staying up past our bedtime, swearing, she's a real fan of the classics. Me and Tirone can't stand her at times and other she just breaks our guard with a cute pink smile. We've all divided into groups too, Me being with Tirone and one other kid; Jeremy. He's the one and only light skinned kid in the family, typically they refer to our group the black color tones. I find it funny, Tirone sometimes takes offence, then me and Jeremy have to hold him back. The other groups are the mini-harem, the typical white girls, finally Master and Servant. Though these names don't accurately represent us, but talk of how we appear to others. Most of us love each other equally, and that bond is shown with the mini-harem, made up of my sisters and brother; Manny, Robbie, Harley. All who act a little too close to each other, which would explain why some police keep coming to me about charges of incest. The typical white girls are all my sisters; Sam,Samantha, Rochelle, and Igis. They are the main informants of the family. No one knows where they get it from, but if some needs info someone or thing, they are the people to go to. Now Master and Servant is Sylria and Jazmine, with Jazmine always being Sylria's alibi, I don't know why, either need for someone more confident, or love, she stays Sylria and takes the trouble for her. Most of these names are used on our way to school, though it can also be heard outside during stupid events. We still attend school for education, but since we have all the time we need to study since we were born eight graders, we are taught more on how we should behave in society. Wanting to be an inventor, I continued to study and abandoned class on several occasions. Though in the current time, it's more seen as pointless and is looked down on. Seeing as though everything looks invented, but I wanna prove everyone wrong.

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