Chapter Thirteen

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I suppose I could look like a worrying kind of guy, constantly checking the map to see if we're on the right path. Like it makes sense anyway! The old school maps they have don't display landmarks so I'm working with our current position outside the forest and hoping we're heading in the right direction. Taking paces to the right, the village was in the top left most area of the map. I can only assume since we were in the northwest most area, we should continue to walk in a southeast direction. The problem is we've made it far from the forest where the village is, so I've lost my only landmark tell me which direction to go! I'm busy panicking in my head as I continue to check the map over and over as I look at the road. Bailey might have noticed, seeing as though she walks up next to me while we walk looking at me with a curious face. "What's wrong?" She asks me, she brings her face close to look at me. Still in a panic, I can barely notice her as I continue trying to go the right way. "Fuck it." she says before licking my face, "What the fuck!" I say jumping back, I notice her giving me a cute smile. She quickly corrects it with an angry face, "What's wrong?" She asks again. I stop in my track and look down, "I don't know which way is north and south, for all I know we could be right back where we started." I say in embarrassment. "All you had to do was say that." She says in a tone of why didn't you say that. Her small dog ears perk up and after a moment of ear pointing, "South is this way." She says pointing at the little hill in a distance. It'll take us a couple of minutes to walk to but it can our first stop. "That hill looks like a nice spot to look out, let's go." I say, "Sure, wise leader." Bailey says sarcastically. We travel to said hill, it has a nice view of town on the right. There's a large amount of sand to the left that begins to take over the road near the town. "I guess there's desert near, let's go to that town to prepare." I explain to Bailey. "Right, I only bought food." she say, "Meaning we should pick up things for camping in the cold night desert and clothes for you." I tell her. We start walking to the town, I remember what I forgot in my glee and panic. When I first got around the area and gravity of this planet I started hearing a voice talking about levels and stuff. I was able to process it and realized I had gained something equivalent to a level in an role playing game. Yesterday, I got bitten by a bunch of the hunters, apparently their saliva mixed with my blood turning me into a half-breed of them. Because during the night, during my sleep, I got a voice again tell me that I became a lycan. Though I can't turn into a dog, I am now part hunter, gaining the ears, luckily no fur or tail. Though I do kind want the tail, not in this land where something could happen at any moment. This all explained why I grew ears as I left the golem forest. I just wonder how this town is going to be, it's a few buildings in size, I'd say it's just a neighborhood with the length of it though. With houses in a straight line and facing each other in a town hall like place. We head in, I'm starting to think it's like a checkpoint. Because even though I saw the desert to the left of the town, I see more desert past the town. It's like a town from a videogame, you enter one way that was spring like, then it gets all wintery after you leave. Weird unexplained geological occurrences, "What the hell." I say. "What's wrong?" Bailey asks me, "Doesn't going from a grassy hill to a desert seem really weird?" I ask her. "Um.. I guess, haven't really left the village before, my frame of reference is narrow." she tells me. "I see." I reply, We look through the town. A few minutes in, I think this is a ghost town, there's no one around. To confirm this, I give a couple of doors on the left in the neighborhood a knock, no response. I knew it was wrong, but I check those same houses to see if they were locked, they weren't. "Hey can you check the houses on the other side?" I ask Bailey. "Sure, be careful." she says, "Oh? Worried for my safety?" I ask with a smug face. She points her middle finger at me with fuck you gesture, "I might with your permission." I respond. She jumps and continues walking over to the other house. Feeling as though she's got this, I turn and investigate the house closest to the hill exit. I walk up it's steps and enter a white and black wood house. Opening the door, I prepare myself for a fight. Walking through, I hear creaks every step. The floor is stable, yet loud. Walking inward, I see stairs to my left leading to a second floor. Under that floor is a kitchen and a living room area. Okay, what confuses me here is why this house is built like a 21st century house, only using wood. I check the kitchen, and like a normal person check the fridge. I'm starting to hear whispers all around me, before I can reach the handle of the fridge. It starts glowing purple and black, and more whispers build up. "So it's a ghost town, not a ghost town." I say grabbing the fridge's handle and opening it. Something jumps out throwing a lot of food to the floor, most of it was stuff you have to cook with. Unbothered, I dig in the fridge for some quick food, "What the fuck? I just spooked you right?" the spirit. I find a drink in a cup, "No. not really, when I was a kid I wanted to meet a ghost. Now a days, I don't care. I try to remain unbothered by scary things." I explain. I take a sip of a the drink, it's not bad, it has a taste of a sweet tea. I look in the cup, the liquid is kinda pink. "What about this?" he asks with flair, the voice sounds male. I look up at the fridge to find its contents has turned into a purple haze of monster parts. I'm used to these images being censored by cartoons, "Meh." I say taking another sip of the drink. Holding the cup in my hand, it's almost gone. "I'm not playing around!" he yells at me, "Neither am I, turn the fridge back to normal so I can look for more food. I can't see past this haze." I tell him. I hear him growl, but I still can't see him. I look around for him after closing the fridge door. There's not really a reason to close the fridge anyway since there's no air coming out of it. I look behind the fridge to see what looks like a spirit holding a mask, "Peek-a-boo." he says. I step back and put on my best scared face, "ahhh." I say in a monotone voice. "That's it." the spirit drops the mask and moves around and jumps into my mouth. "Ha! I've got you." he says using my voice, "Oh, I guess I'm possessed now." I reply. "Why are you so nonchalant!?" he asks me, "Meh." I reply. I'm guessing after watching enough shows this is the least bit surprising thing to happen to me. He begins to take my body and walk it outside. "Let's see how your friend takes this." he whispers to me, "Not sure whether I call her that or not, she's been adamant about a lot of things." I say. "Care dammit!" he shouts walking out the door. He walks down the stairs and Bailey steps out the other house. "Did something happen? I heard you start shouting." She asks towards me. "You know she looks pretty hot." he whispers to me while Bailey is making her way over. "Have you thought about doing her in?" he asks me, "Yeah." I reply. "How about we rape her then?" he asks me, "I wouldn't be okay with that." I reply. "Finally, something to make you care. Well it's not my body, but I'll at least enjoy it." he says. He takes a step and gets into a position like he's gonna pounce, Bailey stops and looks at me cautiously. "I said I wouldn't like that, did you not listen? I told her that I would fuck her if she gave me permission, are you going to make me a liar?" I ask in an angry tone. I grit my teeth and try to take my body back. I'm sure on the outside it looks like nothing is happening, but I am hunting the spirit down in my mind. "Get out." I tell him in a deep angry voice, "Fine! Fine!" he shouts running in fear. As I said it looks like nothing is happening from the outside, I take my body back though. I adjust myself so I'm standing upright and not about fall from the pounce position. "Sorry for the scare, Bailey. There was a ghost and it took my body for a moment." I shout, from our two places we have to. "Okay, but what was that pounce about?" she shouts at me, "He wanted to rape you!" I shout back. She covers herself using her arms to cover her breasts, her embarrassed face is so cute. "Relax, I know what I said! I'm not gonna let him! Only with your position." I shout, with another embarrassed face she walks back up the house, She stops for a second and turns, "This house doesn't have anything in it, at least on the first floor!" she says. "Finish checking it and join me! I don't want us both being possessed!" I shout back. I turn back to try to finish checking the house, making my way back into the house. "I know you're not gone, reveal yourself!" I yell into the house, I walk back into the kitchen. Looking behind the fridge again, I find the spirit cowering behind the fridge. "I won't kill you, since I can't kill you." I say, a blunder on my part as I forgot I can't kill ghosts. "Whelp if you're gonna cower, then I'll continue to search the house without you." I say looking around the kitchen for more things. There's a stove and cupboard and stuff but that's it, though there is a door to another part of the floor. I quickly check the cupboards and look around some more of the kitchen, there's nothing in them. I go to check the fridge one more time, for some reason there are a large supply of granola bars. "Jackpot! Hey, you know these bars don't need a fridge right?" I say forgetting there's no air going on in the fridge. I grab what I can stuff in my pockets and that's not even half of the bars. I grab one more for me to eat and close the fridge door, "That must be instinct, I somehow still have." I say remembering I used to close my fridge door all the time. I decide to check the other room near the kitchen, "Wait! Don't go in there! It's embarrassing." the spirit say gliding up in front of me. He's easier to see, now that he's letting me see his gray blobby form. "Why?" I say continuing in without a care in the world, it leads to a hall that seems empty at first. I look to my left, a weird window or wall art, to my right, aaaand there's a dead body there with a blade in it. "Did you off yourself?" I ask the ghost, "yeees." he replies in a sad tone. I turn around and make my way to the house steps, though on my way I hear the door open. I look back as I travel up the steps to see it's Bailey, "Hey, come on up." I tell her. I feel the ghost in the house following directly behind me, I find a bedroom and a bathroom. "This place is surprisingly simple." I say walking into the bedroom, "Mhm." Bailey says walking in with me. I feel the ghost possess me again, though it was more subtle this time so not much is in his control. Though after enough time I'm turning at his will, I see Bailey leaning in for a kiss. "What the fuck! I thought she hated me!" I said. "Not her." the spirit says taking her up on the offer. Our lips touch and I feel someone else with Bailey, like me, I feel her set to the side by a spirit. So we are both possessed, "Why are you going at it in our bodies?" I ask in a the spirit. "This, this was my neighbor, a while ago, I fell in love with her, she died of illness. I felt sad, so sad that I took my life, with the way you act I won't get into the details but-." "You've been wanting to get with her for a while, and now that we both came here, you two can get it on." I say interrupting him. "How did you-!" "Put it together? After the girl came in from a house across from us, I put together that you two can't leave your houses. Then when Bailey leaned in to kiss me, she doesn't want me like that, that made it easier, this is a ghost town. Is that right miss?" I ask the spirit using Bailey. "Um, Ryan, this guy is super smart." her voice is feminine, I guess that's his crush. "Yeah, though it's not important we're together." Ryan says, "Bailey, I'm gonna ask you this now is it okay." I ask her. "As long as it doesn't go too far." she responds, "Hmph." the feminine spirit grumbles as she pulls on my face to go deeper with Bailey' right hand. I'd say this is going too far, she not just trying makeout. She continues kissing on Ryan using Bailey's body, she sticks her tongue out lapping it up mine. Ryan moves my hands to go for Bailey's breasts, I feel myself getting turned on. The feminine ghose starts moving her left hand down to my pants, and starts rubbing my pants and dick beneath. "Enough!" I say taking control of my body, I take my right foot and kick Bailey onto the bed. Trying to catch my breath, I turn around to hide my embarrassed face. "What the fuck is wrong with you!" I shout turning around, "I know what Bailey said, as long as it doesn't go too far. That was going too far!" I yell angrily. I wipe the saliva off of my face, and Bailey's body gets up. "Why, how could you just interrupt us." her spirit says, "With ease." I reply. "I don't enjoy disrespecting a person's wishes." I say trying to look cool as possible with angry face. "We ARE having sex here and now." the spirit says in Bailey's voice, she then attempts to wrap her arms around me. With her arms around me, she freezes up. Seeing as though we're touching, I can see Bailey's influence to get her own body back. Bailey is pulling her arms back and fighting against the spirit, though from what I've experienced. I figure I can't help her, since outside influence might help the spirit. With Ryan in me, for all I know he would help her. "Sonya, please win." Ryan says, "Silence!" I say in a cold voice. I watch as her body struggles, Bailey must be less will-full then me. She's taking longer than I did and I was just staring at her while fighting Ryan earlier. Rather, Sonya may be a strong spirit. After a moment, I start to worry for her, I can feel sweat building on the side of my face.I just thought of a solution, I got to touch Bailey's shoulder. What jumped into was a warzone, I thought this was a cat fight! Bailey's mindscape has a look of a no man's land or no woman's land I rather say. I see Bailey on the right and a female I believe to be Sonya on the left, "ENOUGH!" I shout across the battlefield. I walk to the middle of them, "Ryan talk to your woman on this." I say walking to Bailey. Ryan splits from me to look like a wraith, he embodies my words over to Sonya. "How about this, you wait a little longer, trust me, I haven't had sex all my life and I've been frustrated until late. I request you wait a little longer." Ryan says to Sonya. "Bailey, I wanna give you time, I don't know how you feel about me or sex, but I wanna get rid of them eventually. For now, I've notice they can't leave their houses to fuck for themselves, so we should take them until we find a man or woman have sex with that they can use for themselves." I explain to Bailey. "Boom, you...are a friend, and I do want to have sex, I just...want it be special. I don't have a someone so instead I'm stuck being sexually frustrated, you've seen what the full moon does to my people who are like me. So I after a while I stopped caring about who is the special sex person. I want a relationship now-a-days." She tells me. "I see, I've noticed I'm not that special person, but in my world, there's a relationship called friends with benefits or sex partners sometimes. If it will get these two off our backs then we can continue being friends." I explain. "I'm not sure." she tells me, "Then I'll wait for an answer, and so will they." I say using that stupid old chin and finger trick some guys used in shows. She looks into my eyes with an embarrassed look and pulls away, "That's fine, right?" I ask her. "For now, I guess." she tells me, "You heard her, Sonya." I say through Ryan. This controlling spirits through themselves is feeling way to fun, I could get used to this. I take control of my body once more and leave Bailey in the bedroom, "So we wait now, again." Ryan says sniffing tears. "Don't cry in my head, that's the rules, now follow them." I say walking down the steps. Remembering the granola bars in the fridge, "Bailey, come down! I think you have pockets for this!" I shout up the steps. Thinking to myself, even if she has pockets, she won't be able to empty the fridge, that is a lot of granola bars. "Ryan, why did you have so many granola bars?!" I ask him. "Boom, look up the steps." he tells me, "What why-" I'm cut off by the sight of Bailey in tears. As she comes down the stairs, she's wiping them away. "I didn't ever think I'd want or need to confront my opinion on this, I'm sorry." she says taking her last step. "Hey, no need to cry, we should get our granola bars and leave." I say pointing to the kitchen enthusiastically. "Yeah." she says, as we both walk in the kitchen to grab the rest. She has pockets in her pants and jacket, but after we fill them, there are still more than half of the bars left. What the fuck!? Trying my best to ignore it, I walk Bailey out. I decide to check the rest of the houses to find more ghosts, not as problematic as the first two, more on they all wanted to leave town and couldn't. It seems Ryan was the only one who didn't come down with a sickness, or die from it. Sonya was the last person to be the victim of the plague on the town. I find one general store, it brings up the question of where the townspeople acquired their food. All the people here are hoping to leave town one day, I can always take them out myself and release them. Buuuut I don't know what having that many spirit in a person does to my psychi. I try it anyway, Bailey joins in, so now it's not as much of burden. The town possess us, but a funny thing happens to our appearances. After two or more, I couldn't tell, our eyes turned black with green pupils. It's for the best that we release them quickly, we can't really go to a kingdom with half a city inside us. Four or more, again can't tell, our bodies gained a black and purple glow similar to when Ryan was in the fridge. Once we were done, I felt heavy headed, and almost hard to walk. With difficulty, we gathered bags of camping supplies from the ONE general store and left. The thing is that I didn't need it, but Bailey did. Oh well, more is better. We both headed for the desert during the evening. Once we cleared a line in the sand, we felt the spirits fade. A bunch except for Ryan and Sonya, because they haven't left our bodies kept the small glow. But it could only be seen at night, or if you get really close. Our eyes turned to normal, but kept it's green appearance. Walking further across the desert, like I predicted, it got cold at night. Me and Bailey quickly assemble the tent kit we found in the general store, unfortunately being only one. Either one of us would have to sleep outside or we both sleep in the tiny tent together. The one more nervous about this more than the other is me, me and physical interaction with female hasn't been good since I was originally born. I'd always fidget more if I was touching them, hugging, shoulder resting and a lot of other things too. I vote to sit outside of the tent, moving out of it. Bailey grabs my shirt sleeve, "I wanna try this friends with benefits thing." She says. Hearing this I'm shocked and more nervous than ever, even embarrassed. I don't move at all, instead thinking through my choices here. I look back at my sleeve she's pulling on, then I look at her face. She looking into my eyes, but I can see the embarrassment on her face. "If we wanna get rid of Ryan and Sonya, I'm gonna need to have sex with someone or you will have to have sex with someone. Either way, we only have each other for right now, so I'll ease into it for now." She explains to me. Either way, I'm sleeping with Bailey tonight, I know she would hate me normally, but like me she wants to get rid of Ryan and Sonya too. Think about how this is helping her, think about how this is helping her. I conjure this as a mantra, so I don't try anything with her. "S-sure fine." I say turning back around and finding it incredible hard to hide embarrassment. Bailey lays down on one side of the tent and pats the other, "So you are bothered by something, nice to know it has to do with interaction." Ryan whispers in my head. I try laying down in the tent, and remember something, we have no fire. "I'll be back, we need some heat right now." I say getting out of the tent as fast as I could without messing it up. I take out the box I have with me, but I struggle with the embarrassment still lingering. I pull out a heater in the shape of a fire and sit it a foot away from the tent, unluckily they haven't kicked the wildfire part of heating yourself up. With it on, you work your way back into the tent, Bailey seems to be asleep, but you see one eye open. She trying to work through, she's trying to work through. I repeat to myself as I lay down on the other side of her. We don't have much room, I can hear her small breathing. One of the fun things about being here is that I see her ears twitch or her dog tail twitch. I focus on one of the them when it happens, this situation has me nervous that these are my only relief. One moment and we touch hands, reflexively I pull my hand back same as her. But in my mind I feel Ryan take over, he moves my arm under Bailey and she moves in kind to lay on me. With her on me, I can see what's going on. Sonya and Ryan are forcing us to get closer and cuddle each other. It must have been when we touched hands, that they came up with this plan. I know she's embarrassed as I look at her bodies face and her spirit's face. At this point, I hope she protests to it, but she doesn't. Ryan gives me control and I notice Sonya give Bailey control of her body as she quickly sits up. "That wasn't bad." she tells me, "and?" I ask. "For Ryan and Sonya?" she asks me, "Sure." I say nervously. Hashtag Syan, I think to myself as she lays down again on my arm. She moves her head onto my chest, at this point, I want to lose my shit. My instincts and urges take over, I move the arm she's laying on and holding onto her head. That was the only thing I couldn't stop, she sighs in pleasure? I couldn't tell, especially with how I am right now. I try my best to sleep with my eyes closed and eventually drift to my thoughts. Thinking on everything that's happened on this planet, I'm in an rpg world. My first few people were dogs, rocks and ghosts. My kind of world, so far I've become a representative with this band on my hand. I say looking at my other hand not being laid on by a dog girl, I see the stone bracelet. I put it back, then these ghosts. I've interacted with them in a fun way, wait. I was reincarnated, and then it led me here to a world, I'd just love by hearing about it. You're a cheeky bastard god, or light or whatever. So I'm in a fantasy, I'll enjoy this while I can. I drift off to sleep.

(I have a directions problem, don't judge! I recently picked up this awesome comic about reincarnation, it had role-playing elements and it really stuck with me, and it's how I'd rather be in life. I had a high school teacher in the morning, where I'd have to either wait for him to get back or open the door myself. There were reasons for him not being there or he would be late. He was a cool teacher, so we always let it slide. But the door might have been unlocked and sometimes if we didn't check, it would our fault for being stupid on that part. That's why I always check doors. Oh yeah and when Bailey used the fuck you gesture, I picked up recently with responding with I would if you want. I prefer waiting for someone's one permission like a normal citizen, though I'm strong enough to have sex with Bailey if I wanted to. That's just how I respond to female fuck you gestures now. I use to lie to everyone before one new years resolution, I plan on being honest with the people I know and care about. So I probably won't lie normally, if I do it was out of instinct,fear, or nature of the situation. If I'm forced to lie, it hurts me. If someone makes me lie, I'm going to make them suffer unless there's a good reason forgiving them. When Ryan almost made me rape Bailey, I would have gone ballistic, the problem is I can't kill a ghost. Though, I'm happy for Ryan though, he was brave enough to off himself. I too scared to kill myself now, so I live life until I die. Which now-a-days I wish would come faster, I intentionally walk around with a chip on my shoulder hoping to find someone threatening enough to kill me. Oh yeah, In some games, they have weird Geo-locations, in Pokemon Y, they had a place on the map that would go from swamp to winter wonderland. Excuse me on the general worry of geology.  I have an idea in my head, spirits are still people with ghost powers, so Sonya would still be a person trying to get a booty call with ghost powers. I want the powers ghost have over other to be based on will power. I believe I have a lot. Which is why I questioned why Bailey was taking so long, but she was just having a wilder fight than I was. Seeing as Sonya is stronger than Ryan in terms of power. When I found the granola bars, I used to snack on them all the time with my mother. Chewy bars, and other such products also could be included in my madness for granola bars. I'm also not an emphasizing kind of person, so even if a girl doesn't need to be any different from a man, I'll still have difficulty understanding emotional situations. So I can only guess with the way I make Bailey, that I doing her character good. Also I thought they were gonna have a cat fight because of typical fighting. I've seen videos, actual girls fighting, and cartoons; cat fight, or general hair pulling. Then the battlefield was because of a thought of how some idiots say that girl are complicated, so a war against each other made sense to me. With the town possessing us, I've only seen cartoons about ghosts, so I wanted to put real weight with have someone else's soul with yours trying to use your body as a host. Along with the adjustment on appearances having a real world effect on them. I seen games and other media about ghost being around because they got something they've gotta do, so I was able to help them rest in peace if I got them out of town. The color of the glow was something I thought of due to my media upbringing, associating dark colors with spokes and bad auras. I barely need to explain my situation with Bailey as I already have, but I'm more of a romantic. I'm not like some other people who approach sexually so I work with what I've got comedy and trust. This situation voids all of how I try to get to a girl, doing actions I fear trying as they have risks. When Bailey sat up, in my own mind as I wrote it, I was scared. Also, I have a hard time sleeping, I need my thoughts and a good amount of heat to sleep. Though Bailey should be right, she's a furry girl with her fur and doggy ears and tail.)

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