Chapter Ten

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Honestly, I wake up to find myself drown in papers. I guess I spent time in the building again studying the maps again. At this point, I know the map for this part of the territory, the world map is too big to memorize. Someone knocks at buildings door, the building is hollow with no one inside so of course it echos enough for me to hear it on the second floor. I get up off the table, I apparently gave in and slapped my head into. Walking down the stairs, I realized I had been still wearing the same clothes for a while. I take out the box from my shirt, enlarge it and pull out another device. It instantly cleaned and re-clothed me, my clothes had changed from a black and blue outfit to an all red shirt with black pants. I usually don't care about shoes, but I'm soon to start traveling even if it takes a month. I put away the device in the box, the box shrinks and goes into my new shirt pocket. I continue to the door and open it, it's Bailey. "You're the only one who treats this as my house." I say leaning on the doorway. "I just don't wanna stumble on something I don't wanna see, Boom." she tells me folding her arms. "Won't happen." I say, noticing someone behind her leg. It's the kid, Bailey is pretty tall so Kcirb is like at a knee height. I welcome them both into the building as if I own it, "how is it going, Kcirb?" I try to say slowly while pulling on the voice translator. "I'm fine, sir." he responds, I'm caught off guard. Excuse me! I'm about to feel lied to as I walk over to Bailey in frustration. "Hey, what the hell, I thought you guys have trouble learning english." I whisper angrily at her. I could understand if she says that he's a kid and they learn fast, but he spoke solid english smoothly. That's the thing there should be two things I should be listening when listening for english. Smooth english and the words said properly, Kcirb did both and I know I've only been working with him for two days. "Well he's a studious child, as you've seen." she says trying to save herself. I can only give her angry eyes before being call by the child, he was gesturing for me with the book we gave him in hand. I walk over to him, and I sit in front of him. I watch him literally scroll through some of the pages, I think the only reason Bailey said they have difficulty learning english is because of lack in example and attention. The kids have the worst attention span and the adult are barely any better as all the ones outside are kept still by their chores. If Kcirb's attention span were better than his friend's and family's, then he can read that book in a sitting. I believe he's been practicing every page at this point, I decide to test him. Subtly, I take the translator and begin, "Kcirb put down the book, and look at me." I command, he puts down the book and looks up at me. "Yes sir?" he says, I decided on three questions. "What is your favorite color?" I ask, "Light blue." he replies after some thought. I knew it he isn't perfect but he's got it, "What was I when I got here?" I ask him. "I was told you were an invader, and then you were our prisoner." he responds with barely a mistake. He messed up at invader and prisoner, which actually makes him mad. I smirk, "Sally did what?" I ask him. "Sally bought seashells, by the seashore." he said, at least he didn't mess up this time. "Excellent, practice this and I can trust you've learned english." I say reattaching the translator collar. "Come back tomorrow." I tell him with a smile, he leaves in a stomp. "I guess anyone would want to pass a test first try." I say to myself. "Yes, but you shouldn't have asked him to come tomorrow." Bailey says walking up behind me. I get up off the floor and walk over to the door to close it. "Why?" I ask walking to the stair and walking up. She follows me, "There's gonna be a full moon tomorrow, regardless of the time of day everyone here is dangerous." she explains. Making my way back to the table, they aren't wolves why would they be dangerous. I sit down and study the world map and check where I should go when I leave. I look back at Bailey, sitting at the table puts my vision under her breasts and her vision. I've made a paper copy using a device in the box, so I can draw on it to predict where I'll go next. I give a worried look before looking back at the table with maps on it. I realize, I'll have to go through the golems if I wanna get anywhere as the hunter's territory is on an edge of the continent. And the part that is golems in the map show is basically surrounding the village leaving the plain I arrived in and the forest surrounding the village. "I should let you talk to them." I tell Bailey. She nods, and moves her bangs out her eyes, "they tend to listen to the people they guard, and only they can ask for passage." she explains. Okay! I have a plan and I'll be out of here by tomorrow.

(I can usually hear an entire building if it's hollow enough, the box comes back due to the fact I stored a lot of things in it, I'll eventually hit a point where I might end up like, "How did I forget that!" In fiction, people typically hear wolves and were-wolves go wild after a full moon, what about fictional dogs. They happen to be the cousin breed from wolves. If you think I'm being held up by this small section, wait until I get to the rest!)

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