Chapter Nine

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The next day, I spent time getting used to the view of this village before attempting to ask to leave, because I've been watched since I got here and was given freedom. For all I know the attempt to leave could end in a burnt bridge before I can turn tail and run. I leave the building containing the maps in the village, I've been staying in it at night during the three days. Approaching what I've decided to call a council home, for the three elders, I make my way inside to another meeting in the morning. "Is it best to have such meetings in the morning?" I ask. Nichterg just scoffs at me, "Too early for an outsider like you, and interrupting too, at least you're consistent" she growls. "I see you're still here, Nichterg, annoying as always." I say. "I'm only 59 and-!" she quickly respond. "I'm sorry, I calculated that in actual dog years." I tell her out of spite. Why did I say that, in that sense, she should be dead by now, unless they live long or something. I figured out after looking at the maps and thinking about all the information that I've been told. The people arrived here a while ago, more recently. The history of their biology here is that humans from long ago spread out from the center of the main capital. Since this was a long time ago, those human had time to evolve. This village is an example of what happened, they obviously left the capital and combined with dogs. The rest of the logic makes no fucking sense, why the fuck is a territory in a territory; speaking about the golems. Before this rage consumes me, I decide to ask Odif my question. I begin to look at him with his eyes closed, he opens his mouth first. "No." he says, "What? I didn't say anything!?" I respond in confusion. "I know you want to leave." he says, "and I can't!?" I complainingly ask. "Yes, you can." he says, "Okay, thank you." I say turning around and attempting to leave. "Hold on Boom." Ssecnirp says, I only stop. "Yes, Ma'am?" I ask as if asking my mother, "Your watchers have told me you want to take Bailey with you, is this true?" she asks me. "Uh, yes." I tell her, "Then you can't leave as I first said." Odif adds in. "You knew the entire time and you weren't going to let me leave in the first place, didn't you old man!" I yell at him. "Respect your elders, boy." Nichterg said in anger, "You're not MY elders, and boy is a racial slur where I'm from." I say attempting to tell her off. "Boom, either way I won't let you leave with her." Odif adds. "Fine, then I'll leave on my own and by myself." I say attempting to leave again. I hear Ssecnirp talk in a whisper, "Boom, I understand that you are in desire to meet with your people correct?" Odif asks catching me before I leave the door this time. I turn once more, "They aren't exactly my people, but yes, I'd like to meet with them. At this point, I'm starting to believe you want to use me." I say putting my hand on my hip in a form of matter-of-fact like gesture. Nichterg is almost in a panic, looking like she wants to retreat as she scoots closer to Odif's position. I guessed her plan, though Odif just straightens himself with Nichterg adding to his weight. "Use you? That question is exactly what Nichterg wants. I want to have you represent us, so we can gain good terms with humans." he explains. Nichterg jumps hearing her plans being brought to life, I don't think she'll be adding to the conversation again. "That's what I want as well." I say with Ssecnirp, we realized we chimed in saying the same thing. "Yes, though, before the idea can be complete, you want to leave with Bailey, which would be a good idea. Seeing a human with a Hunter will make things look nice with them. Bailey is our only english speaking hunter though, so leaving with her has been a difficult decision amongst us." Odif explains. I forgot to explain, the dog people call themselves hunters, pfft like they are the only ones. "I understood that after she told me it's hard for your people to learn english. I had already gotten started with teaching a child, he is excelling at this rate, I could expect him to be a perfect english speaker in less than a month." I explain. "That's great, though permission not given, but it's still great." he replies. "This could end in an expansion of english speakers, this is definitely good for us all." Ssecnirp says in excitement. I get the feeling she need to access that with herself and no one else. "If that's all you need, then I can finish and leave soon right? I have permission to leave once I'm complete right?" I ask Odif nervously hopping he doesn't add another thing. "Correct and Bailey may accompany you, she was stapled here as she was the only one who could speak english." he says. In the final moment or what I wanted to think of as the final moment in that building with the trio, I run my hardest out the building. I'm not sure I could stand another thing being dropped on me before I left, I pass Bailey who's been waiting outside. "How did that go?" she asks me, "Don't play games, Bitch ears can hear many things." I rudely say after stopping down the grassy steps. I realize it was rude and look up at her, well she's not mad. I think she ignored the rude part of what I said and instead acknowledged I confirmed that she could leave with me. I might have lost her, she just sits there in a trance of glee as I would say. "I'm sure you're just gay right now." I say as I turn to head toward the building I stay at. I've actually always wanted use a line like that to someone who doesn't know the word for gay.

(I enjoy using words for their actual meaning, especially swear words, where people think I'm just using slang and curse words, but I'm just having fun at the expense of people I'd rather ignore. I also happen to be very lazy, so sticking around for another thing to do in a small non-active village would make me bored and angry. I'm here for action not boredom.)

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