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King Boom the Harem king here, This story is about me living in a fantasy world I never imagine could become real, well that's wrong I'm writing how I think it could be real right now. I, Boom or Christi'on McNeal, please call me Boom, am going to be running around in an imaginary world filled with adventure. Obviously with the title I'm gonna also get a harem, but I hope not to make it the main thing, even though that is what this was made for. My Goal in this story is to write my ideal world, where things are fun and worth being alive for. Essentially I thought I was through depression, but it's quite thick into my head, I don't seek help because I won't listen to a therapist or anyone for the matter. This story is gonna be me living a fantasy, so please enjoy the ride as you read. From chapter to chapter, we(Being me and the voices(Something I developed from loneliness and Depression) talking you) are gonna encounter many people on our adventure through this world.

The world being in the state of my ideal hood, I prefer an adventurous world with everyone speaking english or basic as they would say it. I chose the world calling it basic as when I see some other forms of media they call it english or Basic, with those who say basic being people with different forms of language. Personally I want it to be called basic as when I try to attempt to understand other languages I question how english is a language other ones can't understand. Moving on, I've always thought that there are possibilities for other races beyond human and other animals, so I want this world to include other races such as dog people, or animate objects. So far a world that has multiple culture and things to learn, but with these things I consider pros, there has to be cons to balance them. Because of language and culture barriers there would obviously be war, and since this world is covered in them, the only way they can live is by territory. This world has the normal things of earth, other things like seasonal differences would be something I need to research and it sounds like something fun to look for. If I need to accurately point it out, this planet is a distant planet unnoticable by people of the milky way, being as though the universe is way past the most powerful telescope's range. With it being the fifth planet among twelve sisters. The cycles are more long days and short nights, but I want the days to be longer than planet earth's but to have the same nights as earth. The thought of having the same nights may be overwritten because having two moons. Furthermore the planet's geography is of earth's supercontinent pangea,(If you don't know it, look it up) I've always loved the idea of one single continent.

With the single continent having the several different territories for the people that live there. Before I go there I'm on earth during its 21st century.

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